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EM6910 - pressure build up

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  • EM6910 - pressure build up

    Hi everyone

    I have a 2 year old EM6910 which generally only makes one cup of coffee per day. I use freshly roasted (up to 2 weeks) and freshly ground beans. Up until now there have been no problems. Yesterday, I tried new beans and the grind was too fine. Normally if this happens, the coffee just comes through very slowly but this time the pressure gauge went bananas and there was coffee everywhere. I changed the grind and it was OK. However, this morning the same thing happened again except that the coffee started to pour when the indicator was in the yellow zone and then the needle crept up to the red zone, swung wildly back and forth and it all exploded again. I unscrewed the shower screen - as far as I can see the seal is fine but maybe I need to look closer - Im not good with pulling things apart   Since the screen was off, I descaled the machine and then, backflushed it with cleaner. I used old coffee grinds which I save for this purpose to make the first cup to throw out. It started to pour very quickly but then there was a quick build up of pressure and the needle started to swing wildly and there was coffee everywhere.

    Id really appreciate any help/advice you can give.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: EM6910 - pressure build up

    "Coffee everywhere" sounds like the seal to me.

    When was the last time it was replaced?


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      Re: EM6910 - pressure build up

      I think youre right. Ive just managed to get the seal out - easier than I thought and it is damaged. Thats a good outcome - not as expensive as it might have been.

      Thanks for your help.


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        Re: EM6910 - pressure build up

        Originally posted by 232821322C2539400 link=1252140245/2#2 date=1252141350
        not as expensive as it might have been
        True but Sunbeam gaskets arent cheap compared to a lot of others.

        Will you be right to put it back together?


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          Re: EM6910 - pressure build up

          Sunbeam spare parts do seem to be more expensive for some reason. I should be OK to replace it given that in the end it wasnt too difficult to get out. Now to see if Sparkys at Albion have one in stock otherwise Ill miss my caffeine fix until I can get one

          I am relieved though because I really like this machine and Ive just discovered my favourite SO coffee.