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Too Many Choices - The Conclusion...

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  • Too Many Choices - The Conclusion...

    Hey There,

    From our last post we were all over the shop with what kind of coffee machine to purchase, and after what seems like forever in research and reading, we have done it. We are now the proud owners of a Silvia which we teamed up with an Isomac Grinder.

    A few weeks ago we were in Adelaide so we located a place where we could touch and feel a Silvia. We became aquainted with a very knowledgable chap who was very passionate about all things coffee and the craft of it, He not only gave us advice but directed us to where we were leaning anyway. So after sleeping on his package deal we decided that why not we were going to buy one anyway, the cincher being he threw in 1/2 hour of training in their training room. so we not only got the Silvia but we got to learn how to use it, clean it and everything else. (apologies to Sponsors)

    It became all worthwhile afer the long 5 hour drive home to put what we had learnt to the test with a beautiful cup of coffee. We still have quite a way to go, but its fun so its ok.

    Wed like to thank you for your assistance and we will continue to read as we continue to learn all about Coffee.


    Tash n Josh

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    Re: Too Many Choices - The Conclusion...

    Congratulations Tash n Josh, may your purchase bring you many years of excellent coffee.

    Im pretty sure I can guess the store you bought from and if Im correct, those guys certainly do know their craft

    The choice of sponsors here in Adelaide is limited and everyone keeps saying how important it is to see, feel and use equipment before making your decision. It would not be fair to do all that at one store then buy from another.


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      Re: Too Many Choices - The Conclusion...

      Well done tash_n_josh!
      There are lots of happy Silvia owners around here (as I am sure you are already aware)

      Enjoy your shiny new toys!


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        Re: Too Many Choices - The Conclusion...

        Yes well done Silvia can deliver a very nice coffee experience, and responds well to tweaking if your so inclined