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Silvia 2009 Over Pressure Valve

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  • Silvia 2009 Over Pressure Valve

    I have recently acquired a 2009 version Silvia. About a week ago I found that my espresso flow had slowed down dramatically even though I am dosing the same amount and using the same grind setting. I have tried using a coarser grind and dosing less, but the flow of espresso is still slower than it was initially. I also noticed that water is flowing back through the OPV return line while I am pulling shots.

    My question is whether anyone else has experienced this problem with the Silvia, and what I should do to fix it. Should I just keep trying with coarser and coarser grind until the shot comes out as it once did? Or is it possible that the setting on the OPV has somehow moved by itself? I havent made any modifications to the machine, in fact I have never even taken off the top panel to have a look inside.

    After the shot the coffee puck is coming out poorly formed. Formerly it would come out in a nice hard and dry solid piece, but now it falls apart and is still wet and gooey.

    I am using the same beans (Campos superior blend).

    Thanks for your help.

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    Re: Silvia 2009 Over Pressure Valve

    Hello circus,

    Your machine is doing what it should do. Adjust the grind until you get the desired pour. Coffee is very sensitive to age, humidity, temperature and a host of other factors. No grinder is set and forget- even if you only ever use the same coffee...

    Good luck..