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Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

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  • Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

    I am relativley new to the coffee machine scene and bought a Breville Cafe Roma to learn with. I am finally pulling great shots out of it although they could be much better with better beans (using Gloria Jeans beans, pre-ground by them).

    The problem is that my shots are not hot enough despite working as fast as possible, keeping the cups warm and getting the milk up to the right temperature etc. I understand the Cafe Roma has no temperature adjustment but it is an entry level machine after all.

    So i would like to buy a new machine up to $1500 that has a grinder intergrated (lack bench space). I was looking at a Gaggia Titanium series as a start point.

    Also, whats a good common bean people buy and from which sponsor? I am based in the southern suburbs in Adelaide.

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

    I have a Roma....I get beans from my friends cafe - but the best coffee Ive ever made in it was with Coffeesnobs Gold blend. I found the plunger grind perfect for the Roma.

    With keeping the cups warm I put near boiling water in cup just before making the coffee. works well


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      Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

      Hi Greg and welcome to CoffeeSnobs.  

      There are many very knowledgeable people on this site willing to share their knowledge.  Firstly though, you need to make some decisions with regards to precisely what it is youd need/want.

      Here are some important points or questions that you need to consider:

      1. What is most important to you, coffee quality or convenience?

      2. You can only achieve great coffee using freshly ground beans, which means you’ll need a grinder.  As a rule of thumb, raw coffee beans last 3 years, roasted coffee beans last 3 weeks and ground coffee lasts 3 minutes.

      3. The Gaggia Titanium is a Super Automatic Coffee Machine. At the touch of a button it will grind the coffee, tamp and pour.  The only thing you have to do is froth the milk (unless you drink your coffee black).
      Is this what you’re after? What else attracts you to the Gaggia?
      Most of us here use semi-automatic machines i.e. one where you grind the coffee, pack the basket, tamp and pour the shot yourself.  
      You will never achieve as good a result with a super automatic machine. Also, super automatics have a reputation of being unreliable. I have not used them myself but most on here recommend the Jura range of machines if you’re only interested in super automatic machines.

      4. What is your price range? 2 highly recommended options are:

      (a) Lelit Combi for $850.  This machine has a built-in grinder.  
      Talk Coffee are based in Melbourne but I’m sure they will offer a local service agent should anything go wrong.

      (b) Rancilio Silvia + Rocky.  Available from several sponsors for around $1200-1300 for the package.  

      I believe there is only one Adelaide sponsor, The Coffee Barun in Sefton Park (near Prospect).  AFAIK they don’t sell either of the above machines.

      There are stores in Adelaide who sell the Silvia/Rocky but they are not sponsors so I will not mention their names.


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        Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

        While I love the Coffee Barun, new sponsors Coffee Craft are right across South Road from Black Forest Primary School, and they are fanatics as well.

        If you are at all close to Bellevue Heights you are welcome to come and have a coffee here, and see what home machines can accomplish.



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          Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

          Crikey Greg, thanks for pointing that out to me.  I had no idea Coffee Craft are now sponsors.  Finally I can mention them!

          They definitely carry the Silvia & Rocky.


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            Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

            Thanks guys. After a lot of reading here and on other sites it seems a silly proposition to buy a super automatic machine as i am after quality so must be prepared to do things a little manually.

            I will pop down to Coffee Craft tommorow and have a look at their machines. I did look at the Lelit but my wife isnt a fan (prefers SS, not chrome look). Cant argue with the CFO!

            Oh, i picked up a new EM0480 whilst shopping today for $165.00 (one off only). I havent seen one this cheap so i thought why not, its a great grinder for newbies!


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              Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

              Oh, where is the cheapest place to buy the new Silvia? Is there an outlet in Adelaide where i can actually look at one?


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                Re: Looking for new machine (semi auto?)

                Coffee Craft are advertising the Silvia on their site for $759 at the moment. Dont know if this is the 08 or 09 model. I think this is the best place for you to go in Adelaide for this machine.

                Interstate, Coffee Parts are advertising the 08 model for $689. No harm in asking other sponsors to match that price (or buy from Coffee Parts directly).

                Also be aware that stores prefer to give extras rather than discounts. Think about what you need before going shopping so you can haggle better e.g. tamper, knock bin, group brush or detergent.

                When you go to Coffee Craft sample some of their blends to see what you like. You can then ask them to throw in 1kg of your favourite Theyre a good bunch of guys that are very knowledgeable and helpful. Im confident youll get very good after sales service from them which is more important than saving a few $$