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Naked shots on Silvia.

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  • Naked shots on Silvia.

    So I have pulled out my naked portafilter recently after a long stint holding a blind filter, In my imagination I assumed that my shots would look awesome and I have been blaming other factors (roasting/beans/silvia temp variability) for any inconsistency that I have been getting.

    To my annoyance as evidenced by my naked pours, they are not extracting evenly. Chanelling isnt really a big issue, Its very rare that it spurts in my eye Its just not consistently extracting the middle of the puck. I have looked on youtube at some naked silvia pours and it seems like others have a similar problem.

    Im using an incasa convex tamper, I think its 57mm, Im suspicious this isnt helping but not convinced its causing the issue on its own.
    A Pullman has been on the list for a long time I just havnt got there yet as it hasnt felt like a priority.

    I guess Im wondering if this has anything to do with a silvias shower screen design, or if its just me? Some might say its the tool not the tool

    FYI grinder is a Mazzer Super Jolly

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    Re: Naked shots on Silvia.

    My pours are looking much better in the last week. I identified an issue in my distribution. On my final sweep/level I was pushing extra coffee to the far side of the portafilter, Im just being a bit more conscious about pushing it into all the edges and my pours are looking better. Im also tamping a bit more carefully and incorporated a polish which seems to be helping.

    I have also made pre-infusion a habit. I hit the brew button now with the steam valve open and close it when water comes through the arm. It only takes a couple of second but I think it achieves the objective of allowing any headspace in the portafilter back up through the group to fill with water before being hit with pressure.

    Apologies Silvia I shouldnt have doubted you.