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shot speed on my silvia

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  • shot speed on my silvia

    hi guys, im still playing around with my silvia and learning the settings on it. Its paired with a rocky grinder, after a lot of training i seem to have most variable now under my belt and within some level of control. However, the grinder settings can drastically speed up/slow down my shots.

    Currently, at grind setting of 15 the coffee literally drips out at once a second. I would like to know what is the ideal speed... as looking at other video clips the coffee is a constant flow and not dripping....

    Should i be concerned, and am in burning the coffee so to speak?

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    Re: shot speed on my silvia

    The "bog standard" recommendation is 50-60 ml of coffee (including crema) from a double basket in 30 seconds from pump start.

    Ive had 3 machines now and still prefer 20-25 ml of coffee from a double basket in 20 seconds (this is a ristretto--and a short one at that!).

    As long as you find the grind settings that gives the coffee you like, its all good.



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      Re: shot speed on my silvia

      Hi su888,

      As a new owner of the Silvia (had it for 4 days) i have had the same learning curve but reading on this forum and searching the past posts has allowed me to learn how to fine tune my shots. You seem to be at the stage were you are "choking" the machine which is good, now just start making the grinds a little coarser until you can pull a double shot between 20 - 30 seconds.

      It gets a bit frustrating but as soon as you start getting the shots right it gets a whole lot better.