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PID Rancilio DIY. Which thermocouple do I use

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  • PID Rancilio DIY. Which thermocouple do I use

    Need to find a thermocouple. I see these "screw on" probe types with 6.3mm thread for sale on certain online auction websites which are very cheap. Do these fit easily to replace one of the boiler screw? Or alternatively what about these other ones with black tips which sell for under $10 bucks?

    If not any recommendations of local places I can source a decent thermocouple which mounts easily to the boiler? Also what length cable do you recommend?

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    Re: PID Rancilio DIY. Which thermocouple do I use

    You will probably get best results from a thermocouple probe that has a washer or ring terminal on the sensing end.  

    With the 6mm threaded probes, the extra mass, along with relatively poor conduction, will slow the response, making control more of a challenge than it needs to be.

    Look for a grounded probe, terminated with a ring/washer sized for #6 screw, with leads around 1 meter in length.  Type T material has the least inherent errors in this temperature range, but type K is acceptable as well.  Teflon insulation is best.

    We offer a suitable type K probe through, but cannot figure out a way to supply them to CSers without incurring significant shipping expenses  :-X