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  • Rancilio silvia

    Where is the best place to buy a Rancilio Silvia / PID & rocky Combo in melb

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    Re: Rancilio silvia

    possibly the easiest way would be to contact the site sponsors using the common email link on the left (might have to scroll down a bit)

    i think i read somewhere that chris from talk coffee can help organise a pid kit w/ a silvia if u buy from him but others might be able to help w/ that as well


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      Re: Rancilio silvia

      We can do.

      A PID kits PID makes for a far improved Silvia. Theyre easy to fit or we can do it for you. 8-)

      Another great option is to go with the Diadema Perfetta which we supply set to 9 bar and Scace calibrated for temperature to the requirements of the buyer (or ours if youre not sure).

      I reckon the Perfetta is the category killer in its class. Our October CS specials web page also has an offer on a  Perfetta/K3T package.