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  • Verona Expres

    Hi fellow snobs

    Im reporting in on my decision to acquire a commercial 1-group for home use. I initially considered machines for the domestic market (e.g. Sylvia, Gaggia, Jura) and settled on the commercial machine, partly for purely indulgent aesthetic reasons. I was also encouraged by one fellow snobber who suggested that a commercial machine might be more idiot proof.

    I purchased a second-hand Verona Expres with a Unico Splendor grinder. As far as I can determine, the Verona is manufactured in Italy under licence to a UK-based company. It appears to be very robust but doesnt have the cache of the traditional Italian brands.

    I am pleased to report that thus far the idiot proofing is effective. There are only 2 controls off/on and pump. It takes about 15-20 minutes to fully heat and pressure-up. Once ready, even I can get a reasonable brew. However, I confess that the output thus far is patchy and I think thats due to stale beans and my lack of judgement of dosing.

    The downside? Its a commercial machine and therefore has a huge boiler (? 3 litres). For a one coffee drinker household, this is very inefficient. Also, both the machine and the grinder are massive so they are currently dominating my kitchen (but a kitchen re-build is planned).

    Next step is to work on my barista technique. Im particularly interested in any advice from snobbers who know this machine because I cannot find any hands-on information on the web.

    The Snobber formerly known as Stovetopman

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    Re: Verona Expres

    Ahhh fair Verona.....

    Isnt that where Romeo and Juliet lived??


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      Re: Verona Expres

      You need to change your name to taking-up-all-the-kitchen-bench-man

      is this it? (mods i hope this is ok, i linked to the pic but it has the name in there, sorry if i am bad)

      3l boiler is great,  good looking machine if it is like this. You get a plumbed in or tank version?

      fresh beans are the go, and sorting your grind out
      check out Veneziano in Brisbane for fresh goodness
      or Andy with beanbay

      nxt thing you know you will be homeroasting

      give us a picture


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        Re: Verona Expres

        Is that the pair I saw advertised on evil bay a couple of weeks ago?


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          Re: Verona Expres

          In looking for info on it prior to it ending I found the following which might (or might not) now be of assitance for you.
          Info on La Rocca Express [ CS Link ]

          External links to parts, the SYD-based importer and what appears to be a manual from the manufacturer which isnt currently working (the link to download it).

          It was an elusive machine to get info on and that CS thread was the best one I could find - especially so as a CS sponsor noted its parts compatibility with other manufacturers.  I did a stack of Google searches on all variations of:
          • verona
            Ver 1gs

          Good luck!

          Edit:  He got a 5L tanked version.  The Ver 1GS model from memory.  Out of interest what was the year of manufacture stamped on it?


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            Re: Verona Expres

            Thanks everyone for interest and advice.

            Taking things in chronological order:

            (1) Maheel - You got the correct machine in your picture. The actual machine is attached to this post for comparison. Its basically a very solid, utilitarian machine (but those gold corner decorations... whatever were they thinking???). Yeah it takes up a lot of space but so did my ex-wife and at least the Verona makes coffee.

            (2) Caffeine Junky - I confess I used the EB. The guy selling them had bought into a food franchise chain and then decided to stop dine-in to concentrate on home delivered food. He seemed a pretty decent guy and the condition of the machine is consistent with everything he said. I had a few nervous moments wondering if I had done something really stupid but after 3 weeks I am pretty happy with the purchase.

            (3) Jaso - Genius idea. I checked the compliance place and sure enough its "La Rocca". (All I was able to find previously was a reference to a company in Scotland which apparently commissioned the Verona.) Ill do some more searching in daylight to get the year of manufacture. Mine is tanked which is perfect for home use. Expresso Dr is the Qld agent I believe so I will probably pay them a visit soon to find out more about operating and maintenance.


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              Re: Verona Expres

              Paid a visit to the Brisbane retailer of the Verona Expres.

              Yes its La Rocca which is Spanish. Manufacture date 25 January 2006.

              I have done a complete descale and backflush. Its a bit labour intensive because there is no drain that I am aware of so I needed to work all the descaler solution through the rather large boiler and out the group and hot water outlets. The initial outflow looked rather green so perhaps the descale was overdue (or its verdigris from the copper tank?).

              Everything is now ticking over nicely although I seem to have sprung a small leak, I think from the soft hose that connects the water reservoir to the pump. Hopefully I can sort this out by myself.

              Overall, Im still happy with my purchase. My shots are going OK too.


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                Re: Verona Expres

                good to hear, nice looking machine

                good luck with the leak, hope it just needs a "soft touch" maybe like the EX-wife lol @ that in the post ^^ there


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                  Re: Verona Expres

                  Looks like a rock solid bit of kit you have there STM. With continued TLC should last you many years.


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                    Re: Verona Expres

                    Hey, I am eyeballing one of these, the semi-auto version. How is yours holding up so far?


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                      Hi I have the double Verona VER 3GV machine and someone unplugged the main switch without photoing where the cords connect could anyone please photo the back of the main switch one there machine and send me an email at The sooner the better!!