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  • Advice on La Pavoni Professional


    Im considering getting a La Pavoni Professional as:
    1. I like the idea of the manual control
    2. Looks great!! This will help sell it to the wife. ;-)
    3. Reasonable price.

    However I am interested in feedback and advice on the performance of this machine. Specifically the quality of espresso shot you can pull and its steaming ability.

    Also I currently have a Rocky grinder. Will this be a good match to a La Pavoni?

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    Re: Advice on La Pavoni Professional

    Hey Luke, Ill tell you I love mine, but heres a little heads up - Im currently waiting on a new thermostat for mine as its given out.

    Prior to that it had been working perfectly for months and the only bad coffees have been my own fault as I got used to the fineness of the grind required.

    Now that its broken down, its cost me about 100bux for the replacement parts, which is about a quarter of what I paid for the machine. I dont think thats unreasonable, as it was explained to me that the parts are good for between 5-8 years and my machine is 12years old, so had definitely had a good run, and in replacing can expect many more years of happy brewing and it looks simple enough that even I, electrical novice and zap-candidate, am not too nervous in attempting to fix it myself.

    In terms of the coffee you can get from it, it really is up to you. The power of the steam wont let you down, but it does require a warming up period. Gets really hot (which is fantastic for pressure and therefore steam) but limits the number of shots in a row. May spray you with grinds or burn you, but 8-) sacrifices to be made for the fun and satisfaction of pulling a really beautiful shot under the power of your own bicep.


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      Re: Advice on La Pavoni Professional

      Hey Melicious, thanks for the information its given me a pretty good idea of what to expect. Sounds like it is a bit of a challenge, but ultimately pretty rewarding.

      Any idea if my Rocky grinder will be up to the task of grinding for a La Pavoni?



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        Re: Advice on La Pavoni Professional

        sorry, Ive not used a rocky :/ I can tell you Ive started out with the kyocera and now upgraded to the ascaso i-mini (and thinking mazzer now Im using one at work... oh dear lol). The fineness is the thing, and there seems to be plenty of people happy with what sort of fineness and consistency the rockys can achieve, but Id hate to say one way or the other without having the personal experience.

        Actually, that probably does say something for the pavs - even faced with doing some work on it myself, its the grinder side of thing that Im updating.

        Maybe someone nearby might have one you could get to play on? Id offer but, aside from not knowing where you are, mines out of commission until pressurestat n thermostats turn up. Cest la vie pav.