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  • Sunny returns

    My 20 month old 6910 had developed a worn collar to the point where a lip had formed making it difficult to fit the GH and eventually not sealing at all.

    On top of that the steam valve was loose and leaking.

    The manufacturers warranty had expired but I had taken out an extended warranty. I thought it would exclude wear and tear damage but happily a reading of the terms showed it expressly included it. So off it went to the Sunbeam service agent and 2 weeks later it is back with a new collar and steam switch, no cost to me.

    Couldnt wait to roast up a fresh batch of beans so the 3 week old yirrgies went into the grinder.

    Life returns to normal 8-)

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    Re: Sunny returns

    Great to see you are back on the road to coffee nirvana mb