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Backflushing Miss Lucy

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  • Backflushing Miss Lucy


    Ive just started cleaning Miss Lucy that I bought second hand (arrived on Friday). I took apart the grinder and cleaned it. I also cleaned the portafilter which was a bit grotty, and the shower screen had about 50% of the holes blocked with crud. Ive cleaned that but there still appears to be some residual crud stuck right out at the edge under the fine wire cover.

    Anyway I though I should backflush it too because Im not sure when it was last done or the machine used, so I used the espresso coffee cleaner 500gm that I got as part of my kit from coffeeparts. It really did need a clean!!!! Ive run the cleaner, left it for 10 mins then a water only backflush though 4 or 5 times and its still not clear. Its about 100% better than my first run which was nearly black. When I run the backflush and remove the portafilter the basket is filled with light brown water, and a few bits of coffee too.

    So, being a noob Im not sure how to proceed from here. Will scrubing the group a bit more, replacing the shower screen help or is the crud coming from somewhere else?

    Hope someone can point me in the right direction. I really need a coffee!!!!!

    Also the portafilter only goes to about a 6-7 oclock postition but I cant move it any more, is that normal?

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    Re: Backflushing Miss Lucy

    Have you got a small brush to clean around the group seal area, if its really grotty it will probably take a fair bit of brushing and flushing to clean it thoroughly.


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      Re: Backflushing Miss Lucy

      I suspect a new seal could be in order as well.


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        Re: Backflushing Miss Lucy

        Thanks. I will give it a good scrub with the cleaner tomorrow and see if that improves things.

        I might just order a new seal & shower screen from coffeeparts. I think the parts I need are 700164 Shower Screen & 700151 Group Seal can anyone confirm this? What does 518608 do, and do I need that too. In the diagram its above the group seal.

        Is there anything else that I should keep handy, steam wand seal or something.