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Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

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  • Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

    After much thought, planning and studying, I finally got myself a well looked after second hand Nemox Dell Opera. Got it a week ago, and have been having fun learning the machine until.....

    I gave it a backflush yesterday for the first time and admittedly, ive never had a machine with a solenoid before, but ever since i did it, the group just explodes from the pressure.

    Ive since taken the shower screen off and soaked it overnight, took the seal out and cleaned it up, lubricated it, and soaked the baskets overnight. Then ran through a descale.

    Since I put it all back, the group seems to turn a whole lot further around to the right, and i cant hear the solenoid valve when i switch off the brew switch.

    Is it as simple as it needs a new seal ( it still feels nice and rubbery to me) and if so, where do i get one in a hurry, and what size am I looking for?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

    I probably dont have the answers to your problem, but Im sure sponsors Talk Coffee will be able to help you out with advice and parts as they stock the Lelit (which is almost the same machine).




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      Re: Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

      Hi Nirgelep

      We sell and I am familiar with the Lelit (close enough to being the same as the Dell Opera. Descriptions like, "the group just explodes from the pressure" arent all that helpful.

      By that, if you mean that once youve pulled a shot and release the group handle, that there is still enough residual water pressure that it sprays out, then the 3 way valve isnt operating as it should, perhaps due to a blockage. This could be as a result of your descaling process. What did you use to descale the machine?

      As for the handle turning further to the right, if 6 oclock is at right angles to the machine, where does the handle go now? If the seal is supple and there are no leaks when you pour a shot, then this at least, is probably not a problem.



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        Re: Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

        Hi cuppacoffee,

        thanks for getting back to me.

        let me try to explain a bit better, when i hit the brew switch the shot runs normally for a few seconds, then water and coffee come spraying out over the top of the basket. Its not the grind because i tested it even on the coursest setting and it still did it.

        Previously the group handle went barely past 6 oclock, but today after i descaled it with Cleancaf its closer to the 4 oclock position.

        hope this is enough detail for ya, thanks for your help



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          Re: Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

          OK, it sounds like the group seals. Your cleaning may have removed some build up behind the seals, hence the group handle now turning further to the right. Or they could have been damaged when reinserted.

          Were there two in there or just one when you did the cleaning? Have you checked that they arent damaged? Remove them again, try replacing them, and have another go.

          If it still leaks then yes, you will need replacement seals. We have them in stock and so does Chris from Talk Coffee.

          You should also refer to the following:


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            Re: Help Please!- Nemox Dell Opera

            umm, yeah the video on there is EXACTLY what happens.

            I pulled it out again, same thing, but there seems to be some space between it and the shroud. I think i might pull the shroud off over the weekend if i can manage it (because it could do with a serious clean in there after all the coffee thats getting sprayed up there).

            Theres definately only one seal in there, should there be two?

            I guess theres nowhere in Brissie i can go and just pick one up? If not then Id best order some, Ive no idea what size etc to be ordering though.

            And in the meantime Ill have to try to get through the weekend without any decent coffee. (working two night shifts and I have two kids )