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Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

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  • Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

    so i got a hold of a rancilio lucy for nothing, its old, but rust free, and internally good condition.

    few questions. upon examing the steam arm setup, it appears it pre-dates the v1 silvia. it is a plastic tip, on a thin arm, thats connected to a swivel elbow, thats connected to the manifold. confused? check the pic.

    i want to upgrade to the v3 silvia arm, i just wanted to get an opinion on what my options are to get it to fit. as it appears the silvia manifold just pokes straight down, and applied to this machine, would still be under the body. unless it is longer, in which case there is no worries.

    any ideas?

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    Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

    Ive seen a video where the steam arm is replaced by the V3 ball version but I think its a pretty expensive item to buy for us Aussies. Coffeeparts having been rumoured to be putting a kit together but I havent heard anything further. Heres a US utube vid about it...

    Ive got a Lucy (2004 model) and its got the stainless fixed wand as seen here.

    Sounds like you got a bargin with Lucy. How long you had it?

    So far Ive changed the grinder to stepless, done the tape mod & change the low water level light to the silvia boiler light and shes going great and the coffee is improving daily.

    Its nice to see another Lucy owner here too.


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      Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

      money isnt a problem here, ive found the replacement for 70 usd, although shipping is 60us! but theres a bunch of other things i want, so it works out being worth it.

      do you reckon you might be able to take a photo of the inside of your machine? lid off, just of the steam wand assembly.

      i think ive found the difference.
      the black strut (thats what im going to call it), that the manifold is mounted to, on mine is mounted to the back edge, however in that video it is mounted to the front edge, i suppose thats why the elbow is installed on my version.

      also comparing the steam knob/handle, mine is alot longer than replacement ones (e.g v3), this too would make sense, as the manifold is closer to the front of the outer shell.

      did you just remove the little black step adjuster?

      whats the tape mod?

      ive actually only had her a week.

      but up until a year ago i lived with my folks, who had a v2 silvia, so ive got a pretty good clue about them luckily.

      post some photos of yours mate!


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        Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

        Sure will but wont be till Friday. Got some training this afternoon and I dont want to be taking it apart before that... ta.


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          Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

          Heres a few top down photos. Is that any help to you????


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            Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

            Also while Im at it, heres a photo of Lucy with the stepless mod.

            I used 4mm tubing because the clearance at the sides is less than a standalone rocky.  The 6mm tubing was too big for Lucy and I couldnt get the hopper back in.  A little bit of tubing then gets stuck in the mechanism, or you could use a green bean so that it turns freely without using the pin to lock it on place.  The hopper should stay put when you grind, as a precaution make sure the hopper is hard to turn, and grind a few beans and hold the hopper to ensure that it doesnt turn.

            Also pictured is the click clack lid mod, a 0.7ml from BigW. Fits okay.

            Hows the rebuild going???  I would be interested in any progress shots that you have... I find all this rebuilding work very interesting.


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              Re: Rancilio lucy, re-build, steam arm upgrade qs

              that looks great! i love that you have used the new rocky shute and hopper, i was look at these on coffeeparts, as my shute is cracked on one side.

              The rebuild is going good, everything has been dismantled and ive completely descaled and cleaned the boiler + group.

              Arriving tomorrow, i have replacement group seal, boiler gasket, shower screen, double basket (only came with single), blind basket, as well as a few extra accessories i wanted.

              Also tomorrow i will be picking up my v2 silvia steam arm and manifold from Hazey (thanks!).

              i decided against the v3 for the time being, i really dont have that many milk based beverages, and im comfortable steaming the v2 arm.

              Appreciate the photos, i can now see where the difference is. on my model, the steam manifold is mounted to the back edge of the black frame, making it sit further back about an inch, on the newer models it is mounted to the front edge of this black frame.

              im considering having it modified, but i think i have found a matching elbow and thread, so it should sit outside the body enough.

              ill upload some photos tomorrow morning, theres a few to sort through.