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  • Rancilio Miss Lucy

    Ive been using my Miss Lucy for about nine years. It has been very reliable and consistently produced quality coffee.

    The Lucy has an inbuilt Rocky grinder - whether this configuration is better or worse than a separate grinder is debatable. It looks very attractive in the one package (around 22 kg).

    I probably dont adjust my grind as much as I should, sometimes the extraction is too fast.

    Steaming on the Lucy is very good - it reaches the right temperature relatively quickly. I think the Lucy can reach espresso temperature more quickly from a cold start than many of the more expensive models.

    If I were buying again, Id get a separate grinder - because Im thinking of upgrading (see my separate post) I now need to buy a new grinder as well as the new machine. But then again, perhaps the Rocky would be insufficient for an E61 machine?

    Do you think I should keep the Lucy as a second (perhaps work) machine, or sell?

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    Re: Rancilio Miss Lucy

    Depends on your work environment, do you work alone or in a big office/workshop.  Ive read plenty of posts about Silvia/Lucy style machine in a work environment and you only need one person to forget to refil the boiler and your up for a new boiler.  Not cheap!

    Probably with the cash you would get from Lucys sale you could buy a new grinder and make another CSer very happy.  Im thinking of doing this when I upgrade... or if I can get the San Marino finished and reliable.