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No pressure in Gaggia Classic

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  • No pressure in Gaggia Classic

    Hey all. I have been enjoying using my Gaggia Classic up until recently when the pressure in it seemed to die. I took it into an Appliance centre who promptly charged me $120 to do a clean out as they said the basket was blocked by my too fine grindings and had a lot of calcium build up in it and assured me that it was all ok. However, on return it was worse with low pressure shots coming out and looking like dirty dish water. I took it back and again they blamed the grinds and the type of beans I was using and offered me their beans to buy - so I thought why not if they can get a good shot why cant I? $14.95 for 250gm bag and I think I got ripped!! No avail, if anything their beans were crappy.

    I am also having issues with the boiler boiling noisily after steaming the milk - which it does very well. So, I think that the pump could be on the way out. Again the appliance centre said no the pump was all ok and it was definitely the grinding coarseness that was causing the issue.
    I dont want to take it back again as the guy there thinks he knows better and I am a dumb engineer and the next time I return I will probably blow my top at cause he is an arrogant prick! >

    So, now to my questions: Should I replace the pump with a new one?
    Should I replace both the pump and the boiler? :-?


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    Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

    Whats your location ?

    What beans are you using

    In teh first instance... Sounds like Beans and how the process is managed.. Could be teh machine, but low on the list of causes.


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      Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

      It may also be a clogged up shower screen, undo the screw in the centre of the group holder, if screen does not fall out , pump some water using brew button. give it a good clean until you can see light shining through all the holes of the shower screen, reintal and test.

      suggest you descale and do a back flush to clean the 3 way valve  with a blind filter. You should be able to use the rubber crema disc if you stick a thumb tack in the centre hole of the disc, or you can buy stainless steel one for about $12.


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        Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

        Shower screen all clean, even the basket has been cleaned a number of times. Might have to try the back flush method.

        Cant think of what the cause might be, very slow flow all of a sudden after two years of faithful service.

        Beans vary between Vittoria, Braziliano, Fremantle Market. Grinder set on approx 20 towards the coarse end.

        BTW I am in Perth, WA


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          Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

          if its not the pump, it may be the overpressure valve, is water flowing back into the water container?

          does water flow with no group attached?

          or with steam valve open?

          the steam switch also activates 3 way valve to pump out via steam wand and not group when brew/pump switch is pushed.

          they are very simple machines, easy to take apart  and rebuild.


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            Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

            Between the various gaggia owners here, we should be able to work out what went wrong, but it may take a while and there will probably be lots of questions as we all try to understand what is going on.

            The over pressure valve is certainly a potential culprit, but we need to check.
            Do you have a blind filter, or the crema disk and thumb tack?
            When things first went wrong, did the pump sound at all different? Did you change anything just prior to the fault first happening (beans, grind,...)?

            Are you happy to take the top off and check things inside if need be (with machine unplugged of course)?


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              Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

              Thanks for the fast response gentle people. Yep have taken the top off a couple of times as I was suspicious of the OPV as well. And have gone through various adjustments to this with little or no change. I will have to get a blind filter to trial the flow back into the water container. Will try tonight and give feedback hopefully tomorrow.

              Pump has always sounded the same and have enjoyed the coffee from the machine. Thanks All.


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                Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

                Instead of back flushing, I decided that it might be a good idea to pull it all apart. So while the (home) boss wasnt around I dismantled the whole thing. Taking some photos of connections before disconnecting.

                Anyhow, got the boiler out and apart without incident and noticed some loose fragments inside the boiler - hard calcified bits that were freely mobile in the water that rushed out. The boiler didnt look too bad, but taking advice from this forum decided it would be a good opportunity to properly descale the whole lot. After a few hours of letting everything soak and coming away with a nice clean boiler and other bits reassembled in no time and had no bits left over!

                First pour was a bit crap. So ditched the beans and started again - they had been sitting for over a week, so prob a bit stale and with our recent dry weather very dry. Fresh beans set grinder to medium setting about 12 and next pour starting to get good crema back and nice tasting coffee. Bit more stuffing around (with meaning) and finally the Gaggia has redeemed itself.

                So, moral of my long winded story - ensure you de-calcify regularly (more than once a year) and use some fresh beans ;D


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                  Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

                  Originally posted by 4441464C5241464B280 link=1292039370/7#7 date=1292459620
                  So, moral of my long winded story - ensure you de-calcify regularly (more than once a year) and use some fresh beans  ;D
                  Far better to use properly filtered water mate as per some of the discussions in this thread....



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                    Re: No pressure in Gaggia Classic

                    Thanks Mal. Agree, I have now moved into a house that has a filtered water tap on the sink, so will be using that from now on. Might also think about upgrading the grinder to a "real" one rather than the Sunbeam 450!