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Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

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  • Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

    Hi Guys,

    Im looking at getting a set up for myself - I have a few months experience with making coffees on a commercial machine at work and Im really wanting to take that experience home!

    Unfortunately my budget isnt massive, preferably wanting to spend something less than $1000 - grinder included.

    I checked out:

    Breville BES860 $747

    Sunbeam EM6910 $745 w/ EM 0480 conical burr grinder incl.

    What would you guys recommend? the free grinder deal ends on the 31st so I have a few days to make up my mind  ;D

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    Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

    Easy buy the Sunbeam EM6910.

    I am thinking of buying one in the near future


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      Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

      Sunbeam, I have one, compared to a commercial machine, you just need to work the steam wand a bit becasue it only has one hole, and is a thermo block, but makes as much frothed milk as you want. Great thing is its a dual thermo block, so you can make coffee and froth milk, also dont need to purge when swicthing between them to get temps right, unlike single thermo machines, or boiler and no HX (eg silvia, etc).

      will make many great cups for you.


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        Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

        Welcome mean beans to Coffeesnobs.

        Theres no arguments here. EM6910 all the way. Better value, better performance and theres no shortage of advice here if you need help with that particular machine. Its a good starting point for a serious coffee making. Get rid of the pressurised baskets and use the unpressurised ones.

        You might want to also consider the Lelit Combo (PL042) too. Its a killer deal and produces great coffee from what i read. Think approx $850 for the combo and the reliability would generally be better than either Breville or Sunbeam. Made in Italy. Have a look at Talk Coffee or other sponsors on the left side.



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          Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

          Hi mean beans

          I would imagine very few people have used both machines, given that the BES860 aint that old. Further, it is doubtful that someone would progress from one to the other, rather than further up the coffee ladder.

          From my own experience, the Sunbeam is a great starting point, and I am sure the Breville provides at least the same.

          These machines offer affordable entry into the great world of coffee. You can experience it without paying out a huge amount of clams and then decide whether the path is one you want to follow.

          Many here progress from the SB and related grinder to better, more consistent machines and grinders. Conversely, there are many here who are happy to stay with the SB as it does for them exactly what they want.

          From what Im aware, the Lelit mentioned above is a single boiler machine, meaning it wont pour and steam simultaneously, along with needing to regroup or rest if you are doing more than 4 (?) coffees at any given time. The SB certainly does that and I think the Breville may, but dont quote me on that.

          So if the ability to do multiple milk based coffees or pour and steam together is on your agenda, then, within your price bracket, these two fit.

          I have recently changed grinders, but regardless I still tell people that, as an entry or toe in the water, these machines represent quite good value.

          The next step will cost but at least you know where you are headed.

          Good luck with your choice



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            Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

            awesome, it looks like Im swinging towards the Sunbeam option.

            Do these machines take much time to warm up/boil? - not too sure if i worded that properly, but I mean for example how long would I need to turn the machine on for before I can pump out the first coffee? I think I will be making 2-3 coffees daily and thats about it.


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              Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

              My EM6910 takes around 4 minutes i think to warm up and the lights come on to indicate its ready to brew, but i tend to prefer to leave it for 30 minutes to make sure everything is fully at proper temperature, and the shot is improved as a result.
              You could simply wake up in morning, turn the thing on, go get dressed, take dog for walk, make b/fast then come back to do your coffee.

              From what i read about the Lelit, readers have been reporting 10 minute warm up to full temperature which is great as the boiler is situated near top of group head.

              Mean beans, have a thorough read through the Sunbeam and Lelit topics and gather the feedback by users, then you can get a good idea.

              If youre making 3 coffees a day, Id be leaning towards the Lelit.
              Once youre on a boiler you never look back.



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                Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

                One big negative with the Sunbeam IMO is the annoying Grrr grr grr noise it puts out when in action, hate it, and cant make late night coffees for that reason..... Probably shouldnt be anyway I guess


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                  Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

                  I can only speak of the EM6910.  The machine will be operable after about 3 minutes (I timed my old one at about 2m 40s).  After this the machine will work to make coffee and steam milk, however it wouldnt be up to optimal temperature.

                  Of course, the longer you give it up to about 15-30 mins the better the result will be.  I used to go straight for the machine some days without too much warm-up time and I wasnt disappointed that I could do that :P

                  It seems the Lelit is better overall though and I never really felt like steaming when I was brewing but alas the Lelit wasnt around when I made my choice.  I wasnt disappointed with my Sunbeam.  However there are many other people who have had issues so I can count myself lucky.

                  Yep it is fairly noisey (the water wand is just annoyingly so) and my old one tended to like leaking under the drip tray :P  I didnt really mind that so much.


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                    Re: Noob help required! Breville BES860 or Sunbeam EM6910

                    thanks for all the replies guys! did a quick search and I think I have alot more reading before I lock anything down although Im really tempted to just buy the SB package now! lol

                    Another machine I forgot to mention in the original post is the ASCASO DREAM, a local supplier is selling their display model for $679, I did a search on the forums and nothing came up, what do you guys think of this machine?