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Nemox Fenice + DeLonghi KG100 - newbie advice please :)

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  • Nemox Fenice + DeLonghi KG100 - newbie advice please :)

    Hi everyone,

    So im making my first foray into the world of espresso based coffee. My partner and i love cappas, lattes (including vanilla ones as a substitute to 1 sugar - *gasp!*), and milk based coffee in general.

    I picked up a Nemox Fenice and a DeLonghi KG100 yesterday for $200, 2nd hand of course. Purchased of a great guy here in Perth called Eric, he showed me the ropes and made a fantastic cup using the both for me - so i know its capable!

    Ive got a few questions. After reading around, im under the impression that the best setting on the grinder for me to use is the finest one (and even then it may not be fine enough?). That, combined with fresh beans of course. How long/how do i tell when the shot is extracted properly? The 30ml/30second seems to be quite a long time on this machine, and im in fear of over extracting!

    Milk texturing is my biggest weakness so far, but considering yesterday was my first time ever im not sure if i should be expecting any better! I just went and bought 2L of Harvey Fresh Blue Label (full cream i believe) to try and improve my texturing - any tips?

    And finally (and most important at this state), cleaning wise - what are the steps i should be taking? I was told the machine was descaled not too long ago, but has been sitting unused for a few months now. Cleaning after each use, how much detail should i go into here?

    Sorry for the million questions! Ive tried searching as much as i can, but there arent many threads on the Nemox Fenice (but i understand its similar to some other machines?).

    Looking forward to your help, and many thanks in advance.

    Edit: Thanks for moving, wasnt sure where to post

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    Re: Nemox Fenice + DeLonghi KG100 - newbie advice please

    So i just went and bought some fresh beans, the Velvet house blend thats roasted by Five Senses - nice and local.

    Ive set my grinder to the finest setting now so ill give that a try later on today too

    My milk texturing technique is improving slowly, but still pretty bad for the most part. I dont really know what sound to listen for yet, so im guessing at the moment!


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      Re: Nemox Fenice + DeLonghi KG100 - newbie advice please

      Hi Kyle

      I have the same machine but the model with the built in grinder. I have had mine for around 5/6 years, and it has been working a treat.

      With the original steam tip, I found it most successful steaming milk by adjusting the height so the milk is just being sucked in into the side hole of the tip.

      I then modded the steam tip by cutting it down to get rid of the side froth enhancing hole. Details here:

      Greg Pullman is making some custom adaptors that use a Silvia tip, a much more elegant solution, details here:

      I also made the PF naked by cutting out the bottom on a drill press and a hole saw. Its now easy to see uneven tamping etc

      To practice steaming technique, I used water with one drop of dish washing liquid to save wasting a heap of milk. It behaves almost identical, and you can fine tune with milk.

      Have fun