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Salda (nemox, quaha, mokita, lelit etc) spares supplier?

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  • Salda (nemox, quaha, mokita, lelit etc) spares supplier?

    Hi everyone,

    First post here, sorry to make it a question, but Ive had no luck with The Google.

    I recently got a little machine purporting to be a Salda Junior, for a song at a garage sale round the way.

    It looks to be very similar to the Nemox / Quaha / Lelit / Napolitanas, but built a bit cheaper. It has a powder coated steel chassis, and a smaller, crappier group.

    I thought it would be a perfect fixer upper for Mum, so set to work on it.

    Anyway, in my haste to test it out after I did a thorough cleaning, I managed to break it quite thoroughly. First time I fired it up, I somehow broke the pipe that transports water from the steam valve up in and through the boiler to the group head. Bummer. It was quite badly corroded, so fair enough I guess.

    Im fairly handy with a lathe and managed to machine up a new part from brass, and was back in business, for about 10 minutes.

    The next part to fracture was the group head, which is made of a fairly cheap cast alloy. I guess it was a combination of high dose, weak metal and incorrect setting on the pump OPV. The pump is an Eaton, and seems to move way more water than the Ulkas Im used to.

    So, Im wondering if anyone could shed some light on where source a spare?

    Ive found nothing on Salda, no idea who they are or who imported them. I cant use a Nemox / Lelit part, because the group design is a different diameter. I was thinking maybe a Saeco part would fit?

    Ive attached a picture of the portafilter and collar. The PF is 60mm outside diameter.

    Plan B is just to junk it and stockpile the working parts for my Napolitana - Im thinking that Eaton pump might be a bit of an upgrade!

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    Re: Salda (nemox, quaha, mokita, lelit etc) spares supplier?

    Maybe too late but I found that lygon distributors had all the parts I needed for my mokita combi (which is similar to the machines you mentioned).


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      Re: Salda (nemox, quaha, mokita, lelit etc) spares supplier?

      I used them many years ago, but their service was abysmal.

      I will order some bits from jetblack shortly, including the higher temp steam thermo switch.