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My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

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  • My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

    Hi all,

    Been reading a lot about coffee, grinders and  machines for the last few weeks. Many thanks to all of you for this wealth of information.

    Ive been using a plunger and a  stove stop for a few years now and recently bought a Bellman (CX25P) - but now I think I am ready to buy  a proper manual espresso machine and a suitable grinder. I havent really set a budget as yet but the max would be around $1500 to $2000 for both grinder and the machine. Consumption would be 1 to 2 shots everyday and occasional more shots when visitors arrive.

    After a considerable thought I have narrowed down my choices for these below....

    Mazzer mini ( doser or doserless)
    Compak k3 touch


    My questions are,

    1. Am I on the right track to get a better espresso shot than my bellman stove top?
    2. Any sponsors on the eastern side of Melb or in the city so I can see demo of these machines ?
    3. Learning curve compared with Sylvia and Lusso ?

    Other suggestions and comments?


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    Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

    Hi booffa, good luck with your next step.

    Its interesting that the 3 machines you have narrowed it down to couldnt really be more different.

    One question is do you drink mostly black or milk-based drinks?

    I own an Oscar and have previously owned a Silvia. I have never used a Lusso but have read a lot about them as I have seriously considered buying one.

    Briefly I would rate them like this:

    Oscar - Entry level HX machine. Cheaper than other HX machines because of plastic exterior. Internal components still of high quality. Best option if making lots of milk-based drinks is important i.e. more than 2 at a time. Much more steam power than a Silvia.

    Silvia - Great for low volume use. Great resale value and well made. You need to temperature surf to get the best out of it and also need to re-prime boiler manually. Not suitable for making more than 2-4 milk based drinks at a time.

    Lusso - Probably best option if you are an espresso drinker although also has good steam power for milk. Levers are generally considered to have a steeper learning curve but most owners suggest the Lusso is relatively easy to use.

    All comes down to what matters most to you I guess.

    Also, have you considered the new Breville 900 which is about to be relased?

    The 2 grinders you have chosen are a great choice. You may struggle to come under budget with some combinations e.g. Mazzer Mini + Oscar would be over $2k.


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      Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

      Hi CaffaineJunky,

      Thanks for the quick reply. Initially I thought  silvia is the one to go for as an entry level coffee machine. Then after reading about Lusso I fell in love with that one too. But I know there are no Lusso stocks available in Aus at the moment. I like the fact that Lusso has less electronic parts when cmpared with Silvia and Oscar. And dont need back washing either.

      Having said that everyone I asked said Silvia is good value for money.

      I wouldnt do anything until I see those in action. A mate of mine is going to demo her silvia to me on the weekend.

      PS. I do mainly drink long balck and sometimes Latte as well.

      Thanks again for your comments.


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        Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

        Have seen the features list on the soon to be shipped Breville double boiler, it blows the machines you have suggested out of the water and paired with their smart grinder will come in under budget but not give you an European name.


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          Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

          BTW I have had the gaggia classic for nearly 10 years and have been very happy with it but frustrated by the single boiler when trying to make more than 2 coffees. So seriously considering and upgrade will let you know when I buy the Breville


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            Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

            Espresso Doc, thanks for your comments. Youre making a very good point about single boiler coffee machines. I would be making single shots most of the time but when friends and family is here it will be definitley more than 2.

            I still havent had a chance to see a demo of any of those above mentioned machines, which I am hoping to do during next month or so.



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              Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

              Hi Boofa,

              Ive been a Silvia owner for 6 months after an upgrade pathway very similar to yours. She produces fantastic espresso, after a bit of a learning curve, and is definitely great value for money.

              Having said that, the small single boiler and having to refill after steaming are starting to annoy me. I estimated only doing 1-2 milk drinks at a time when I purchased the machine, but since having it more and more people want coffee! A lot of visitors drink lattes, and it takes forever if you need 4-6, even with the Auber PID.

              If theres a chance you will regularly be wanting more than 2 milk based drinks at a time, Id personally step up to HX or DB.



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                Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

                P.S. I think youre on the money with the grinders, if I had my time again Id go stepless.


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                  Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

                  I got my silvia today thanks to coffee-a-roma and I couldnt be happier.  Its making fantastic espresso.  I have no problems steaming lattes and pouring drinks.  People say that the silvia doesnt have enough steam, but really you can only make 2 at a time because of the espresso pour, so I dont see it as a huge issue.  Im mildly lactose intolerant though so I could be biased.


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                    Re: My fisrt espresso machine and grinder

                    beverageking, congrads on your new silvia.

                    Just one question - how long do you have to wait once its switched on and then to start making an espresso?