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Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

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  • Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

    Hi folks,

    I am also facing a similar dilemma, a Lelit combo or a CS sponsors second hand Silvia and a new Breville BCG800 Smart Coffee Grinder.

    The espresso machines seem similar form what I have read on CS, but the grinders could make the difference.

    This will be my first decent machine, and likely to be one  will look after and for a good while. Any thoughts?

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    Re: Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

    As far as the Lelit combi goes, it is an excellent machine and produces first class coffee. I have found the grinder to be pretty spot on (much better than the EM0480 I was using). The only possible downside I have found is that with the grinder and hopper being integrated, the beans tend to warm up so I wouldnt leave fresh beans in it for a long period of time.

    The only other thing I dont like about it is the leaky steam valve.

    The positives far outweigh the negatives though with excellent coffee, consistent grind quality and plenty of steam. Pound for pound, I think it is the best value machine on the market.

    Which ever way you go, Im sure youre on a winner with either combination but make sure you factor in a good tamper to go with it.

    Just try to avoid upgraditis.



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      Re: Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

      Was thinking with your budget of 800ish, if you can manage a few bucks under $900, or stretch it to around $900, may i suggest the Lelit PL041E around the low 600s and the Breville which is around 250-300.
      Keep in mind about accesories you might need to factor in, like the 57.5mm tamper.
                   These components present great results for the price, and should give satisfaction and pride of ownership before what Greybeard was warning about, upgraditis in the future.

      Gary at G


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        Re: Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

        Lelit Combi is a fantastic machine.  The grinder gives you accurate grinding and you get beautiful shots everytime if you have the right grind and tamp.  It warms up extremely quickly too unlike most other single boiler machines and steams milk fast.

        Here are my wish lists for the Lelit combi

        1. Steam wand to be longer and not to drip (2011 model has a longer wand that swivels, I have the 2010)
        2. a little more weight so that when you pull the group handle tight you dont have to hold onto the machine.  I think 1 more kgs would be great but 2kg more and its perfect.  I think thats pretty much the weight of the sylvia.
        3. easier access to the water tank.  currently requires you to pull out the hoses and then pull out the plastic tank. Most people just use a small funnel to pour without taking the tank out.

        Other than these minor issues it has all you need for a great coffee. 

        Plus side about it being light is that you can take it with you anywhere without hurting your back. 


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          Re: Lelit Combo or Separate Machine & Grinder?

          [movedhere] Grinders [move by] Mal.