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EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

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  • EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

    Yeah OK - get it out of the way then!

    Now youre finished laughing Ill post my experience with a few questions for the EM69XX gurus in here...

    I scored an EM6900 on Ebay, type 619 stamped into back, which supposedly had a new group head collar and seal fitted. Bulldust! Photo newb1 shows a point on the collar where lip looks folded over which makes it hard to seat the portafilter and makes the portafilter chafe the living whatsit out of the collar.

    So I decided to pull the whole thing apart following guidelines here and elsewhere and I dutifully inserted my no.12 on the inner filter nut and yippee - it sheared off with what I assume is the thread left in the thermoblock So now my nut looks like newb3 when its supposed to look like newb2.

    On top of that Ive read many times on here about poor sealing spraying coffee through the machine and as you can see from newb4 and newb5 it certainly DOES. So anyone who has an EM69XX and a leaky group head you might want to stop and get that fixed - Im guessing the mentions of failed control boards (which live downstream of the thermoblock) are caused directly by this problem!?


    The seal was split and couldnt have been new (looked compressed)
    The seal had a nylon spacer behind it
    I have been getting far superior coffees to the EM4800 I had before but the puck was mostly sloppy
    The group head did leak water
    I probably need to practice my dosing and tamping when I get operational again (if I survive the wait)

    So my questions:

    1. Do I need a new collar? If not can someone PLEASE tell me where I can find the mod instructions for it as Ive searched for "dremel" and "lug mods" and heaps of other things but I only end up getting heaps of messages which refer to the mod instead of showing it.

    2. Can I get a replacement for the busted nut assembly? If not I reckon I can fix it by boring it out and brazing a new piece of brass tube in there and then redrilling the holes.

    3. Am I right about the screw part of the nut assembly being stuck in the thermoblock and will a screw extractor be able to get it out? Is it a left hand thread?

    4. Is maiming someone on ebay for lying justifyable in a court of law

    Thanks in advance oh gurus (after you finish pointing and laughing).

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    Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

    Hey Im not laughing - but Im not a coffee guru either. Its not a nice feeling to discover youve been ripped off.

    Im wondering if you happened to pay via Paypal for your 6900 - if so, you might be able to make a complaint about not getting what you paid for, and get Paypal to make the seller give you a refund.


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      Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

      Oh dear...

      Evil Bay, caveat emptor comes to mind.

      It looks like you are going to do a bit of tinkering with this one. It sounds like you have the skills though. I would do what you suggested and pull that old nut out with an extractor, panel beat the collar and take it from there. Here is a link to a parts list that might help you:

      I have made the occasional purchase from the bay of evil in the past but I limited myself to things that I couldnt get dudded on. Its a pity you cant meet up with these lying mogrels and give them a slap >



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        Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

        Have you tried to contact the seller in the first instance to tell them that it didnt have a new collar/seal etc as advertised and see what they say? Worth a go.


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          Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

          Thanks so far...

          * Its been too long for PayPal so thats a no go.
          * That manual PDF is PERFECT. I have an unreadable copy so that nice clear PDF is spot on - yay!
          * Told the seller when I found the portafilter didnt slip in and play nicely. He really didnt care

          So as to getting any joy out of Fleabay - nup! So Ill focus on fixing it myself with the assistance of the very clever csers on here!

          Can anyone confirm that the rest of the nut is hiding in the thermoblock, that it IS actually a threaded section and that its standard right hand thread!? Before I tear my thermoblock a new one


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            Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

            Yes Dilo...the rest of the nut was hiding in the thermoblock and was a standard RH thread.

            I have fixed the machine thanks to a friendly and very fast and helpful eBayer (gasp - yes it happens). They supplied a replacement nut assembly, filter and a couple of seals. I needed to do the old carboard extra washer trick and dremel off the lipped bit of the group head collar but now it seals perfectly and seems to work as it should.

            Well its good enough to use to have coffee so Im happy.


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              Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

              Glad that its over for you right now , I would be devastated and probably demand a refund+shipping lol.


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                Re: EM6900 Purchased on Ebay and Im a noob (so much win)

                Well...not over. After all that work the electronics failed and the machine kept locking up and wouldnt turn on or operate the pumps at random. Im annoyed because I ruined a perfectly good frying pan smashing it to bits >

                So no coffee for me now...and Ill NEVER buy anything from Ebay again or anything with a Sunbeam logo on it. There are too many people all over the net who have problems with Sunbeam crap.