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EM6910 Extraction Pressure

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  • EM6910 Extraction Pressure

    I have a question regarding extraction pressure. So I built myself a pressure gauge and measured that at the top of the optimal extraction range the pressure in my machine hits >11 bar. On reading it seems that everyone aims to get an extraction of about 9 bar, which I figure should be around the middle of the optimal range (woohoo go sunbeam for getting something right).

    My problem is that if I grind so that my shot comes out in the middle of this range it flows too quickly, and the crema is too light coloured for my liking. I get a nice flow and nice coloured golden brown crema if I grind finer and push the shot into the middle of the overextracted range on the gauge. The taste is thick and mostly good, sometimes maybe a bit bitter.

    I read there is no way of adjusting the pressure on these sunbeams; should I just live with the higher extraction pressures until I get a machine with an OPV. Or should I aim to extract at a lower pressure?

    I am using a la san marco sm 95 grinder and fresh beans from Tobys estate and coffee alchemy, dosing ~18 grams into a rancilo double basket which fits the supplied sunbeam tamper best.

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    Re: EM6910 Extraction Pressure

    go youtube... at the end are some videos from other users of the sort of pours and extraction pressures I am trying to get. It seems like everyone is consistently going into the overextracted zone on the gauge. :|


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      Re: EM6910 Extraction Pressure

      This is like what I get if I go into the optimal extraction zone:

      (not my video)