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Alarm / Flashing Light EM6910

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  • Alarm / Flashing Light EM6910

    Hi folks

    My EM6910 is sounding the alarm (4 beeps) and flashing red light even with plenty of water in the tank.

    Everytime it brews, steams or squirts hot water it beeps and flashes.

    Its not affecting the brew but I suspect it may be a matter of time.

    I descaled it a few months ago and may give it another go though I dont think this is the problem.

    Anyone with any clues? :-/

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    Re: Alarm / Flashing Light EM6910

    The magnetic water sensor (in the water tank) normally floats when you fill the tank, but after a while it no longer floats because of scale build up on the sensor. Just use it but make sure there is enough water in the tank.