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Cleaning 6910 question.

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  • Cleaning 6910 question.

    So giving my 6910 its first full clean.
    The coffee i poured for the first few weeks was gold but now it all has the same dirty bitter after taste and seems to have less resistance.
    So i am giving it a good going over.
    I have descaled and ran the auto back flush. I notice however there is a lot of junk on the seal and on this.

    Should i undo that nut remove and give it a good clean?
    If not how best should i clean it as after a few good scrubs it still looks nasty.

    Thanks guys.

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    Re: Cleaning 6910 question.

    Dont scrub too hard, otherwise that teflon coating will peel off and the group head will start corroding.

    I never bothered undoing that nut when I had my sunbeam. My regular routine was to do a couple of water backflushes after each use (i also cleaned by group head using the jiggle technique), and a chemical backwash each fortnight. The water that came out of my group was generally clear and didnt have a yellow/brown tint.

    Before running the chemical backwash, I used to take apart the shower screen & seal and gave them a clean. I also wiped the group head / collar with a microfibre cloth. I made an effort not to scratch that non stick surface.

    Once the allow gets exposed, white crusty stuff starts building up on the alloy. I had this with my first sunbeam, the EM5800.