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Silvia V3 and BCG800 Vs Lelit combi

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  • Silvia V3 and BCG800 Vs Lelit combi

    Hi All,
    After doing a great deal of reading the forums ive narrowed my choices down to these two combos.
    Any opinions on which would be a better bet as far as espresso quality and build quality of this gear is?
    Im leaning towards the Silvia ATM as I think it looks a little better.


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    Re: Silvia V3 and BCG800 Vs Lelit combi

    Hi tiger,

    This was discussed also on this link. Hope it helps you make your own decision. If space is not an issue and the money doesnt phase you then go the Silvia and smart grinder. Otherwise the lelit will give just as good a coffee.


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      Re: Silvia V3 and BCG800 Vs Lelit combi

      As far as build quality goes, the Silvia is the one for the long haul, plus the BCG800 will give great results together, in fact better than the Rocky.

      Though she requires attention to dosing, grind and correct tamping, when done right, she gives a great shot.

      The quality of the grinder is together with fresh quality beans is the most important factor to great espresso.

      Just like cooking, you cant make great coffee with stale beans no matter what you do.

      Gary at G