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first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!

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  • first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!

    hello there,
    Wow I have been reading for weeks all of your advice/posts you guys really know your stuff hence the reason for my SOS call!
    I would like to buy my well deserving husband (and I obviously get to enjoy it too a new coffee machine for fathers day
    we have been using just a stove top perc and its been fine for a coffee fix but we really do appreciate a great cup of coffee and with 3 kids under 3 1/2 it really is a necessity to survive on caffeine in this household!

    I dont have the time to go and shop around and try machines out but have been researching as much as possible as to what I think we need

    my father in law has a a saeco syntia and when we go there its been a great cup and have spoken to hubby about this and he wanted to originally get a fully automatic but I think we would outgrow this machine; and from what you guys have been saying its not the best cup of coffee.
    I would really like to learn alot about extraction/grinding and being able to produce the best cup of coffee overtime!
    So my thoughts are the following

    -Cost to be under $1000 Im really hoping that there is something out there!

    -completely undecided as to whether we should get a machine with an inbuilt grinder or if you guys can point out why we shouldnt get an inbuilt grinder then i would truly appreciate your knowledge/reasons why. And also if to purchase a seperate grinder which one would you choose with the coffee machine that you recommend.

    - I really dont know much about pids tampering etc (again hoping to learn this overtime) So dont even know what I need when it comes to this.

    -dual/single boiler- Im sure I probably cant get a dual boiler for under $1000 and not sure if we even need it I know the BES900 is out of our league but we would make probably 4-6 coffees a day mostly lattes/cappuccinos but have recently renovated too so have lots of space to entertain so it can also sometimes be 6 coffees at one time but again its not a necessitiy to make lots of coffees at one go just thought Id let you know we do sometimes have a few people here.

    -noise? Might sound silly but husband gets up early and I really dont need a machine that makes a ridiculous amount of noise that will wake up sleeping babies!!

    -and also time that it takes to go from switching over from extraction to frothing the milk dont want to be waiting ages..

    At a first glance I have been looking at the Bes 860 and the letit combo or rancilio silvia but seriously any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Im sure your answers are posted somewhere to similar questions like this so if you can point me to the answers that would be great!
    also are there any sponsors in geelong area that might be able to help with regards to purchase??
    THANK YOU all so much in advance

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    Re: first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!

    Sunbeam 6910 + grinder can be had for about $600

    Next is a good Italian machine with built in grinder
    Lelit PL043EM $895

    The Lelit & grinder is also available as separate units

    Silvia is also available but with a sunbeam grinder at just above your budget

    Thats about all within your budget range that I can think of now



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      Re: first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!

      The only thing Ill add is that, you get used to the noise.  Im not a noise person in the slightest and Im the one that gets up to make the coffees.

      The BES900 is quieter than any of the others in the cheaper field but as you said money comes into it.

      We recently bought the EM6910 and it does settle down a little.  I will also say that after almost a week the EM0480 is still driving me batty, I like my manual grinder better   Its just a matter of practice, practice and more practice.

      I should add, the EM6910 can produce a great cup of coffee when everything goes in your favour


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        Re: first ever serious coffee machine grinder please help oh knowledgeable ones!!

        The positives of a combined machine/grinder is that it takes up less bench space, uses one power point, and looks less intruding that 2 machines on the bench. The negative is that you dont get to choose a grinder and if (when?) you decide to upgrade grinder (which is more critical than the machine) you cant do it.

        With a single boiler machine (eg silvia etc), the wait between brew and steam isnt that great, by the time you get the milk out, pour it in jug etc its basically ready, but the main limitation is that realistically you can only steam for 2 drinks at a time. You then need to refill boiler and start the process over again. Doing 6 at a time is doable but a bit of a pain and takes time. The 6910 would be better in this regard.

        Would be best if you are able to visit a sponsor and get their advise and have a play etc so you get what is right for you. You can send one email (towards the bottom of the list of sponsors on the left) to all the sponsors at once and the ones that can help you will respond.

        You can also search on this forum (top right of page has the search box), there is heaps of good info on similar questions to yours.