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I think I almost killed my EM6910

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  • I think I almost killed my EM6910

    Hi All,

    Im a coffee newbie and have had my machine for about six months. I decided it was time to clean it so after researching on here, I decided to go with Cafetto Espresso Clean and also Restorer. Tonight I tried the cleaning with Espresso Clean .

    The instructions on the Cafetto pack said to add one scoop to the filter and since it did not include a scoop I assumed it meant one coffee scoop (the one that came with the machine). I put the machine through its paces but water did not seem to be coming out. About half way through I decided to bin the Cafetto out of the filter and rinse the rest out of the machine with just water but no luck it was blocked.

    I thought I was all over as no matter what I tried it would not unblock. After waiting a while I tried again and finally it began to clear.

    How much Cafetto should I use?

    Have I damaged the pump on my machine?

    Thanks for the help


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    Re: I think I almost killed my EM6910

    Generally I use about 1/4 of a teaspoon. Think you overdid it a bit....I doubt its done any permanent damage though.


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      Re: I think I almost killed my EM6910

      heheh one coffee scoop

      What machine do you have? If its unblocked now, just keep flushing it until its clear (into a glass perhaps).


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        Re: I think I almost killed my EM6910

        Wow.. 1/4 of a Teaspoon...

        Thanks for the advice. Ill keep flushing it