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BDB900 + Smart Grinder - Whats your formula for success?

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  • BDB900 + Smart Grinder - Whats your formula for success?

    Hi Guys

    Just got my BDB900 and BCG800 and am loving it

    Ive never had a real coffee machine and these two items are perfect.

    Every shot has been excellent, but of course the results differ with the setting of the grind, tamp and extaction periods.

    I have been playing around with these setting and my question to all coffesnobs out there is whats your current formula for best success with these two great items?

    On the BCG800 I am using a grind of:

    - two bars from the left end for fine
    - two bars towards more for amount
    - two shot measure in a double pf basket

    Using the standard tamp

    on the Dual Boiler i use
    - manual setting
    - 93 %
    - pre-infusion pressure 60%
    - 7 sec pre-infusion
    - let the manual button go to ~30 secs

    pls excuse my n00b question but I am reallly interested in how others are using their machines