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  • Honest Opinion - Saeco Syntia


    After a few years of using very basic Sunbeam and a very untimely death of same machine I have been on the hunt for the new model in my life. Have good friends that spoil me with a wonderful flat white most Saturday mornings from their Rancillio Sylvia, but need to get advice on an automatic machine as time is not on my side most days. Have come to conclusion that the Saeco Syntia is the one Im most interested in. Would love to hear some thoughts - good or bad please.

    Thanks :-/

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    Re: Honest Opinion - Saeco Syntia


    Just beware that super-autos are not much (if any) of a time saver because they have extra cleaning requirements, and you wont come close to the taste of a Silvia in good hands.

    However there are valid reasons for getting a super-auto. I know nothing about the Syntia except that a lot of people love Saecos, however they have a failure rate that you should look into first, just like any piece of consumer electronics.

    hope that helps!