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    Im after advise on a decent machine to take on my travels.

    At hike I have my trusty Bezerra B3000 2 group, and up till recently, I used to cart my Cimbali Junior S with me if I went anywhere for more than two days.

    Yes, Im assuming you are getting the fact that I am somewhat of a die-hard coffee snob.

    However, the Cimbali was getting a tad too heavy to cart arond at 35kgs. So I have parted with my Cimbali and am in the market for a lighter machine to take with me. Im happy to go wit a machine that weighs up to 25kg.

    Any suggestions? I simply cannot bring myself to buy a Silvia. I quite often travel with a whole family of coffee drinkers and will need t be able to pull ten to fifteen shots n a row, without having to wait for the temperature to stabalise etc etc.

    Ive been looking at the bz99, as I am a Bezerra fan, but am very happy to ge advise!

    The expo bar machines seem decent too?



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    Re: Travel machine

    The BES900 is around 13kg dry and will pull shots all day, but is not small 375x 385 x 393mm approx


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      Re: Travel machine

      Im kinda looking at getting something with more of a proven track-record. The BES900 looks great on paper and the reviews so far have been good, but, it is still an unknown as to how it will do in the long run.

      Also, Im looking for something less sophisticated electronically, so I can repair it myself when the need arrises.


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        Re: Travel machine

        Perhaps looks for a second hand hx machine. The domobar junior has been fantastic for me and has a very small footprint.


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          Re: Travel machine

          Hi Seb

          This may be from left field but my ex boss was a coffee snob and did a lot of travelling and he had a decent budget when he bought his machine and he raves about the Lelit Combi machine for his travelling companion as it has an ok grinder built in and is only about 11kg i think check some of the sponsors for their opinion talk coffee is one that sells it




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            Re: Travel machine

            Originally posted by 585D53505558575D390 link=1315623124/4#4 date=1315701192
            he raves about the Lelit Combi machine for his travelling companion
            I take my Lelit with me on holidays as well, works a treat.
            JetBlack sell them as well,