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Miss Silvia Leaking from group head

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  • Miss Silvia Leaking from group head


    I have a miss Siliva machine thats about 8 years old and its leaking from the group head.

    I have changed the grouphead gasket and the shower screen. I dont overpack the portafilter basket with coffee and if anything the coffee grind is a little too course.

    Would appreciate any suggestions on a fix for this problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Miss Silvia Leaking from group head

    Try new baskets in your portafilter. Also, depending on the wear and tear of the machine, you may need to use spacers between the group head and the seal.sometimes older machines can allow too much of a gap (through related use it does wear out).




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      Re: Miss Silvia Leaking from group head

      Thanks for your suggestion. Ill give the spacers a try.


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        Re: Miss Silvia Leaking from group head

        So has it leaked since you replaced the gasket shortmac?


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          Re: Miss Silvia Leaking from group head

          As both the "group ring" (the area in the group that the lugs of the group handle lock in to) and the lugs on the group handle wear, the group handle will swing further around to the right.

          Using spacers together with a standard size group seal OR.....using an oversize group seal (when available for whatever type of machine) , will stop the group handle going so far around to the right as it did before.....and allow it to engage itself where it used to when the machine was new ("belly button" position).

          That is the function of spacers (to pack out the standard group seal allowing the worn group handle to come back round to original posi) and they are not really a sealing aid as the group handle will usually still seal well even if it is sitting over to the right. The problem on multi group machines is that group handles going too far to the right will foul the group handle of the next group etc. Not necessarily a problem on a single group machine.

          In checking for a reason why the seal isnt happening however, make sure the rounded top rim of the filter is in good nick and not damaged or flattened from bashing out the puk.

          Additionally take a careful look at the rim and make sure there is no hairline crack around it. Sometimes a crack is not easily seen when the gorup handle is in your hand, but when you engage it into the group, the force will open the crack and cause leakage.

          People that have been bashing out the puk and have damaged the rim of their filters also need to check the top of the group cup (part that filter fits into, immediately under the rim of the filter). Extreme cases of group handle / puk bashing can also damage that area where it is less likely seen, and when you fit the group handle into the group, the filter will may not sit properly.

          Other than that we would need to inspect the machine and handle assembly complete.

          Hope that helps.

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