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Leaking Breville BES860

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  • Leaking Breville BES860

    Hi There, I recently bought a Breville BES860 and have loved using it. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks it has begun to leak badly from the back. Its only a few months old. Ive noticed this machine discussed on other forums in coffeSnobs so was wondering if any one else has had this issue? Is it a common problem that has been sorted out by Breville or am I just dreaming?
    cheers, Tony

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    Re: Leaking Breville BES860

    Mines only about 2 months old but I havent noticed any leaking at all.

    Where does it seem to be coming from? Is it just leaking out from the bottom of the water tank? Maybe the valve that prevents water from coming out when the tank is removed is broken/prematurely worn somehow.

    I presume you got it new, give the Breville service line a call and see what they think. Personally Id want to get any leaks fixed pretty quick smart, you never know where its coming from or whats its leaking on to.


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      Re: Leaking Breville BES860

      Originally posted by 3A2A312C2C343D2F312B580 link=1320825183/0#0 date=1320825183
      leak badly from the back.
      Is the water tank properly installed? Remove and replace the tank and see if it improves.



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        Re: Leaking Breville BES860

        Thanks guys. it looks like i will have to take it to the repairers. It is a bit fustrating as sometime it leaks and sometime it doesnt. It may be something to do with how I install it but I cant see what I can do differantly. The Breville people think it should be simple to fix. I hope so.


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          Re: Leaking Breville BES860

          I agree, if the tank engages the guides on the back of the machine, and the tank sits flush at the bottom, theres not much else you can do.

          Good luck with it.


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            This thread is a bit old now but I just stumbled upon it and I have a similar problem. Mine seems to gather water in the tray from a tube within the body of the machine which exits into the tray. If you pull the tray out and slide your finger under the lip on the RHS you can feel the end on the wet tube. It is clearly some sort of pressure relief but in my case it fills the tray with water very quickly. I find myself emptying the tray every 2 or 3 uses and the water tank drains too quickly. I have had the machine replaced twice but this third one is the same. SURELY this can't be normal?


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              If I remember correctly, that outlet is fed from all the waste water produced by the machine, the opv, solenoid and possibly another that I can't remember, so excess flow could be from anywhere realy.

              The drip tray is pretty small, I would call emptying it every 2-3 uses normal, especially if you use the machine for steaming milk, as the auto purge puts a fair bit of water through the thermoblock to cool it back down which of course heads straight into the drip tray.