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Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

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  • Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

    I have been read this forum for some time and picked up few good advices. Many thanks to the other members!

    I finally decided to replace my 2nd hand EM6910 and am thinking between the following two machines:

    i) Isomac Zaffiro Coffee Machine
    ii) Breville BES900 Dual Boiler

    Would someone be able to comment on the good and bad for the above choices?
    I mostly drink milk base coffee and currently have a Breville smart grinder. Should I upgrade my grinder too?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

    I think the Breville. 

    The Zaffiro is a single boiler, so after making your shots you would steam the milk and then have to prime (refill) the boiler.  If you forget, you risk burning out the element in the boiler.

    The Breville is a dual boiler, and will autofill both the steam and brew boilers. You will also be able to steam your milk whilst extracting your shot.

    The Zaffiro has been around for longer, the Breville is only new. Some have had trouble with the OPV. But generally the feedback for such a new machine is very positive.

    The smart grinder would do the job for either.  But the general advice here would be buy the best grinder you can afford.




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      Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

      Zaffiro wouldnt normally have boiler problems with its automatic low water shut off - it should last forever and looks great.

      But if you need a machine for regular entertaining you might not want to fuss around waiting between shots and steaming. Anyone accustomed to a HX/dual boiler machine will always find any single boiler machine to be a pain, because you dont have instant steam, so you can expect negative comments about recharge time from them which apply to *any* single boiler machine. A lot of ones satisfaction or otherwise is conditioning, what one is used to - I own a single boiler machine, so waiting a minute or two for the boiler to get up to steam pressure and temperature is normal for me. Im sure Zaffiro, with its large boiler, has more than enough steam volume for at least four decent size cappuccinos and Im sure it would be adequate for you if you are prepared to wait a couple of minutes for it to initially get up to steam temperature, and then a minute or so between each jug (should that ever be necessary). If your requirement is only for two cups, then once youve pulled the shot, flick the steam switch on, and itll be up to temperature by the time youve gotten the milk out of the fridge, filled the jug and got everything ready, in which case any delay is irrelevant.


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        Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

        thank you very much for all the advices. I am enjoying the no wait between shots and steaming with the EM6910 so I will go for a HX machine. any HX machine would be around $1500?


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          Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

          Hi, before the Breville came on the market, I went from a 6910 to a Nuova Simonelli Oscar, and am very happy with it. List price is about $1300 new, but you should be able to get a deal from a site sponsor to reduce that a bit. Lots of steam immediately on tap, as we are primarily milk-style drinkers. In fact the absence of a hot water tap makes long blacks a bit difficult.

          Regular black drinkers seem to suggest that the Oscar head temperature is a bit unpredictable, but at least in my hands and with milk-based drinks that doesnt seem to be a problem.




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            Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

            Originally posted by 41595851070606040F360 link=1320916138/3#3 date=1320985434
            I am enjoying the no wait between shots and steaming... so I will go for a HX machine
            a double boiler or a HX - different beasts but both will achieve this... ie a breville or an oscar. We visited this last week...



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              Re: Breville BES900 or Isomac Zaffirr

              hey man you might be able to get a oxpobar office semi auto (hx machine) for touch over $1500 if you look around