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BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

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  • BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

    Its my first post here, and Im brand new making my own coffee.

    Im looking for a basic entry level machine to learn on and make decent coffee. I mostly drink lattes and will hardly ever do shots so steaming is relatively important.

    I was considering either:
    -Saeco Via Venezia + Breville Smart Grinder combo and a unpressurized portafilter (all in about 600)
    -Breville BES860 (around 600)

    I know that a Silvia/sunbeam6910 is highly recommended but its out of my price range since I need a grinder as well. And it pains me 

    Ive also heard that the BES860 doesnt grind fine enough. anyone know anything about this?

    Thanks in advance, all opinions massively appreciated

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    Re: BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

    Welcome aboard

    If youre willing to buy as new off ebay youll find 6910 sunbeam grinder combos in your range. Indeed department stores mostly price match the combo for not much more.

    This thread may also interest

    If you want a boiler, an as new Gaggia classic, would be a step up from VV. New, you probably could get a good deal with the gaggia grinder.

    Plenty of 2-3 year old silvia and rocky combos get advertised in the hardware section here for $600 - $700. In good condition, they may be your best choice and will retain value if you upgrade/ lose interest later.


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      Re: BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

      I have a VV and i must say the steam pressure is pretty lame at best. The boiler is also quite small so it runs out of steam very quickly too. My machine was free, so i can complain really but there is no way I would pay $500 for this machine. The silvia is a vastly better machine for not much more money.
      If it were me, i would go second hand silvia and maybe smart grinder or EM0480.


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        Re: BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

        Originally posted by 755F535C03320 link=1321375918/2#2 date=1321402511
        silvia and maybe smart grinder or EM0480
        Silvias are very fussy on grind quality which means the 0480 is not a great match.


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          Re: BES860 or Via Venezia (first timer)

          Thanks guys,

          I think Im going to try for the 6910 with a smart grinder