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EM 6910 Dribbles

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  • EM 6910 Dribbles

    Hi and thanks to all on this site.

    My Sunbeam EM 6910 is 5 month old and  just isn’t quite right, I think.
    1 It dribbles after the shot is pulled.
    2 If doing a back flush it will hold pressure slowly reducing over 10 to 40 Sec probably depending on how well the disc has sealed.
    3 Has had a number of noises that sound like shorting as well as the constant loud humming as has been detailed before on this forum. These noises have largely gone away but do come back just occasionally.

    Regarding the holding of pressure I have tried a few things like turn power off at plug and this will drop pressure instantly.

    Now my thoughts are that the 3 way valve is not functioning correctly probably due to a crook PCB.

    I have rang Sunbeam although polite and suggestive of possible causes they seem to miss the mark with my problem. Their solution was to use a course grind this of course lets pressure go straight through the Filter Basket and only achieves a 15 sec pour for the shot.

    So at this moment I can still get my daily fix from this machine but for the future I would like to see it function as designed.

    I have a bad feeling of getting a successful outcome from a warranty repair as the machine is working, just not properly. Anyone had good experience with service centres in Ballarat or Bendigo Victoria.

    I am tempted to get a new PCB and put it in myself but of course this will void any future warranty. But this would save delivery and pickup costs with a warranty job.

    What do you knowledgeable people think?
    Is machine faulty? Chances of successful warranty work? Would a new PCB fix the problem?

    Thanks to all on this site and


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    Re: EM 6910 Dribbles

    Does it dribble from the hot water spout? as i also have a new sunbeam 6910 and currently have what could be a similar problem... =(