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EM6900 or EM6910?

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  • EM6900 or EM6910?

    Hi all,
    Long time follower, first time poster on CS

    Ive just bought a second hand Sunbeam machine and the box says its a EM 6910 but the booklet inside says EM6900... how do I tell the difference between the 2 models?

    My father in law has one of these machines and Ive used it quite regularly but Ive noticed a few differences with mine. Firstly it has the old style nozzle with the flats on it. Secondly there is no WAY I can get the milk to foam up as nicely as my dad in laws.
    I think there might be something wrong with the steaming operation?
    The steam wand just seems to be full blast and very vicious ( for lack of a better term ) Now Im not sure if thats down to the nozzle or not. Also when I turn the steam off, it doesnt turn off straight away but actually takes a few seconds to shut off.
    I just cant seem to have any control over producing microfoam.
    Im pretty comfortable with my technique and am thinking the first thing I might need to do is reset the factory settings ( in case the previous owner set it up differently )

    Also can someone please tell me how I can change the wetness settings? Perhaps this is an issue?

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

    Well Ive discovered how to adjust the settings, Im guessing this can only be done with the em6910 not the 6900? Guess Ill find out.


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      Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

      You can tell for sure whether you have an EM6900 or an EM6910, if you check the imprint on the back of the machine.
      I believe an EM6900 can be upgraded to EM6910 programmability by replacing the main PCB to that of an EM6910 ($70+labour). It comes in a kit, which also includes a wiring loom and the small PCB with button contacts and leds for the control panel).
      The steam tip can be replaced with Sunbeams latest teardrop shape($23).

      These are the prices I have came across in fixing my machine recently (although I have an EM6910 which had a faulty main board).


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        Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

        Ok thanks Phil!
        HAAHAHA Would you believe....I never noticed the imprint before!! Cant believe it. Ive turned the machine around countless times and must have been looking too hard

        Ok so I have a 6900.
        Im not sure if the new design tip will help. To some extent I think it might because once I lift the tip too high, the flat spots become exposed and suck in too much air.

        Im still curious about the steam wand not shutting off straight away when I turn it off. Does anyone know if this is a fault with the 6900 or is it meant to work that way?

        Considering I got the machine for a fair price perhaps its in my best interest to get it serviced :/

        Thanks Phil


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          Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

          Originally posted by 775C5B5B5F550407340 link=1323679026/3#3 date=1323747800
          Im still curious about the steam wand not shutting off straight away when I turn it off. Does anyone know if this is a fault with the 6900 or is it meant to work that way?
          They work that way. Some shut off faster than others.
          Youre controlling it with an electronic switch not a valve tap.


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            Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

            Originally posted by 02292E2E2A207172410 link=1323679026/3#3 date=1323747800
            Im not sure if the new design tip will help
            In my opinion, just quicker and easier to clean (no corners).


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              Re: EM6900 or EM6910?

              I have both machines and have modified both machines slightly, the 6900 has a nick in the steam valve and doesnt shut off straight away as the 6910 does as it doesnt have a relief valve on the steam system, it shuts of electrically and waits for the steam to stop being produced. This is a good thing!!. I have modified my 6910 by filing in the same nick in the valve and closing off the relief hose so that it ups the pressure slightly (the 6900 seems to make better foam). My 6900 I have installed the electronic board from a 6910 to upgrade the electronics. you need to up the temp and pump speed on both machines slightly by programming as per the manual.


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                Bring back the dead posts!

                I have parts for 2 of these and was going to make the best of both of them. One is marked on the back as a 6900, it doesnt have the collars around the hot water and steam taps, flats on the steam nozzle and main board marked as a 6900 1.3

                The other is on back panel as a 6910. Has the collars and the flats, but the board is marked also as 6900 v1.3 also round float on drip tray.

                I got some bits from a supposed 6910, it also has a board marked as a 6900 v1.3...

                What number is on the good board, that i should be using in the 6900 to upgrade it?



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                  Good luck working on the 6900 - you will need it!

                  From the couple of times I have tackled one they seem to be a real PITA to get into.
                  The biggest bugbear I found is that the 6900 does not have a removable side panel over the steam thermo-block area like the 6910 - the front and sides are all one piece.
                  It would appear that the steam section is on a sub-chassis but it did not look easy to get free to lift out.
                  Also, the top is held on by 4 screws, one of which is inside and difficult to get a screwdriver onto, and I had to remove the spindle from the steam tap to get the top free.
                  In the end I figured it was not worth bothering with and finished up up 'reverse-engineering' it for parts - just glad I did not have to put it back together!
                  Many parts of the two machines are 'similar but different' collar, steam pump & piping.
                  Maybe I was just being impatient and had been spoilt by the relatively easy access of the 6910 but, even so, I would be reluctant to work on one again - perhaps some of the professionals on the forum have have worked out some techniques which work.
                  They seem to have had a reputation for being un-reliable - perhaps that's why the up-date to the 6910.
                  Also, if you look at the control board circuit diagram you will see that it does not show relays driving the thermoblock heaters - I have never come across an updated diagram for the 6910.

                  If you do tackle it I would be glad to hear how you get on.


                  PS the nick in the steam valve was probably there to relieve pump pressure as there was no pressure relief valve on it like the 6910


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                    The boards 6900 v1.3 do indeed have relays for the heating elements. They are in a sub board upside down on the mainboard. Mounted in a silicone cover.

                    I know the 6900 is referred to as problematic, but its said that they have the stainless lined thermoblocks, and good steam.
                    I read here that the 6910 is less problematic seemingly mostly as it has upgraded brain.

                    So i figured to throw a 6910 brain into a 6900, and get the nicked steam valve, and thats about as good as it gets...

                    Thats when confusion set in as all 3 boards are the same, and marked as 6900 v1.3

                    Anyway, the 6900 (with v1.3 board) is up and going pretty well. Had a damaged cord, and missing the little shuttle valve thing on the output side of the brew pump.
                    Its had work before as its got braided lines on the steam pump. Very clean inside!

                    Cleaned the shower screens and backflush and its pretty good.
                    I know you cant really use a blind filter, i just didnt let the pump stall out, took it too the red and then backed it off- a few times... Good leak test anyway.


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                      Needed a wedge machine, 800es has gone, musica bits not here yet...


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                        I just went down to the shed and had a look at the two control boards I have. Both are marked as '6900 V1.3' even though one is from a 6900 and the other from a 6910 and both have the 2 relays on the sub-board. I guess any difference between them is in the firmware but not sure what features changed between models.

                        The 6900 brew pump has a pressure relief valve on its outlet but the steam pump does not. Both pumps have them on the 6910.

                        Only last night I replaced the steam microswitch on a friend's 6900. Up until then it had been working flawlessly and made an acceptable brew.

                        The braided hose between the steam pump and thermoblock was standard on the 6900 and probably served to reduce pump noise.

                        Edit: Sorry, I just read some of the earlier posts and realized I just repeated much of the info already posted


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                          Thanks xanthine for digging about in the shed.
                          I will look for the pressure relief on the steam pump when the back is off next.
                          The other 2 (purported to be 6910) do have the steam reliefs.

                          Its not a pressure relief on the brew pump. It actually blocks off when the pump is on. Its like a siphoning valve?. Not sure what its purpose is.
                          But definately no opv in the brew path.

                          So the 6910 can ve programmed and the 6900 cant, even though the boards are the same! Crazy.
                          I guess i need to look at the manual of the 6910 and try this programming.

                          I see the buttons board and the relay board say 6900 v1.3 also.