Boatload of questions for all you modders out there:

I installed the Silvia steam wand on my Gaggia Classic a while back and love it, definitely worth it. Only thing is I wish I could find a 4 hole tip for this wand (prefer a fanned 4 hole that is fanned, but anything would be better than the single hole!). Anyone know of any?

Also, Im highly considering picking one of these up:

PID KIT for Gaggia Classic & Home, pre-infusion

Commercial non-sponsor link removed by Mods

I was hoping to install the PID KIT and then a new tip to really push the limits of this machine!

I was thinking I would install the new 4 hole tip, the PID KIT and adjust the BAR level like discussed in this thread: Its currently set at 11 bar do I want it at 9 bar?

Lastly, I was hoping to find a bottomless portafilter for the Gaggia Classic. Anyone recommend a good one?

Think all this stuff is worth it?

Any help is massively appreciated!