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La Pavoni Steaming wand attachment

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  • La Pavoni Steaming wand attachment

    Hi guys,

    Thought Id join up now that I have a new, properly "snob-worthy" machine - a La Pavoni Professional.

    Having fun playing with it, though Im waiting to see if Santa is nice to me this year grinderwise (Ive only got a Cuisinart burr grinder now) before I really go to town on it.

    Im slowly getting used to the steam tip for normal steaming, but I wanted to have a play with the automatic steamer arm that comes with it. Ive tried reading the manual, but its not particularly helpful. Also, just pulling it apart, I cant quite figure out HOW itd work...

    When I do connect it up and open up the steam tap, nothing seems to happen - no part of the attachment either blows or sucks :P

    The metal part of the attachment does get hot, so I know that the steams getting at least that far, but I cant quite figure out what else is going on.

    Any thoughts from someone whos gotten one working?

    Cheers guys!

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    Re: La Pavoni Steaming wand attachment

    Ok, for those interested, I finally had some time yesterday to have a play and fully pull apart the attachment, only to find a teensy-tiny piece of packing material stuck in the middle of it all. A minute with a pin was all that was needed, now works!