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EM6910 Leaking

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  • EM6910 Leaking

    Hello. I have a Sunbeam EM6910 which is about 18 months old, and it is having some problems. Firstly, for about the last 12 months, it leaks coffee out from underneath the drip tray. Secondly, it leaks water out from underneath the machine, and thirdly, the steam randomly cuts out either before or whilst texturing milk. Sometimes the steam wont even turn on when you dial the knob around. What frustrates me with this is that the machine has a repair warranty, and yet most of the Sunbeams have replacement warranties. I dont want to have to take it all the way across town and not have a machine for a few weeks, so Im considering buying the next machine down which is the EM5900, and has a replacement warranty. Given that it is less than half the price of the 6910, I am wondering if this is money better spent on a new product instead of repairing the old.  :-/

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    Re: EM6910 Leaking

    Hi at 18 months old what a bugger. It should still have some good life in it. About going down to a EM5900 WHY ??? Do you only use the pressure basket? This model should make a 10 times better coffee. Go for the repair hope it is not too much.