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La pavoni problem

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  • La pavoni problem

    Hi all,

    Firstly apologies if this post is In the wrong spot.

    So I have a la pavoni lever machine, the 2litre version, probably only about 2 years old.

    It does get used quite often, 2-3 times a day however I am sure to take care of it, eg always clean when done , turn it off etc.

    However I have noticed that the boiler tank has begun to come loose from the base. As in if you grip the hand and rotate it left or right the whole top half of the machine rotates a bit, and seems to be getting looser.

    Is it a major problem or simply a bolt in the base plate that connects the boiler has come loose.

    Any help or information appreciated.



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    Re: La pavoni problem

    Hrmm...well, mines new and can be made to do that too - I think its more a design flaw than anything (have read about it elsewhere). Mine seems to do it when Ive put too much in the group and am trying to lock it in - maybe you can find a way where youre not putting too much pressure on it?

    Have a look at the bottom of yours and compare it to the pictures that come up when you google LP Diagrams (I cant link without some more posts) - looks like there should be a couple of little lugs holding some of the models in place, maybe youre missing a couple?