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In two minds. What should I do??

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  • In two minds. What should I do??

    I know there is alot of info on here about the BES900 and I have skimmed through most of it.
    My Old BES800 is getting more and more of a pain to knock out a few drinks (milk based). I dont want to spend any more than around 1300-1500.
    I am considering going interest free which will allow me to get one now or save the money for a different brand or 2nd hand machine thats better quality. But that will take bloody ages as I have a 4 year old money sucker and another 18month.

    I want good quality unit that has great steam pressure. Ability to steam and pull shot together a big plus. 900s have had good reviews on here but I dont recall seeing much about steaming ability although may have missed it due to info overload :-[

    Guess I just need to bounce off someone (wife looks at me blankly with coffee info). Any opinions as to upgrade now whilst im half sane or wait 9 months or so to save up?


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    Re: In two minds. What should I do??

    A Big Fat IMHO, buuut, I think coming from the 800 (thermoblock) to the 900 (boiler) you will be more than happy with the steam. Not endless quantities, but by the time you brew and steam and brew again it will probably be ready for the next steam, especially if you keep making and cleaning your mess in between, like me!

    regarding buy now or save, hm, thats a question only you can answer. How far will you take this journey? How long do you want the machine to last? The 900 is certainly a class above the ones below it, but its not quite a quality HX (pretty close tho). TBH Im impressed with the internal quality of my Giotto - solid thick brass, and components that you could keep repairing / replacing for ever. I havent looked inside a 900, but I suspect it would be more cramped and more electronics...

    And dont forget your grinder...