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Installing PID on QUAHA

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  • Installing PID on QUAHA

    Have patience with me, I am new to this site and old (70). I acquired an used QUAHA Napoletane II (similar to Lelit Compo) and I am trying to get the best coffee out of this machine. I have properly cleaned, backflushed and descaled and now I would like to control the brewing temperature. I am considering to install PID and have read posted instructions for installation of the PID on Silvia. (I believe that in regards to equipment and wiring there is not much diferrence between the Quaha and Silvia). I have the following questions:
    1. Can anyone tell me what is the brewing temperature range when the heating light just comes ON and OFF for Quaha or Lelit?
    2. What is the cooling time from the heating light just comming OFF and the best brewing temperature of say 93 deg C ? (30 or 45 sec?)
    3. Can anyone tell me how to identify which of the 2 (out of the 3) thermostats is the "brew" and which is the "steam"? (They look to me identical, I know the one that is the overtemperature).
    4. Would anyone have a diagram of the componets on top of the boiler?
    5. Have anyone installed PID on Quaha?
    Thanks and Happy New Year