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  • change of plan

    Was considering interest free and the BES 900. Now have the mother in law who wants to lend me the money (she loves me and my coffee).

    What would be the best machine and grinder combo for about $2000 give or take? as in my previous posts the other day, I need good steam pressure and to steam and pull shot together. want a reliable machine. Im scanning the sponsors sites but still not sure, a few different set ups.

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    Re: change of plan

    2 grand? BES900 and K3 Push perhaps?

    Both are apparently pretty much best value propositions at the moment. Or maybe go for one of the Mid-lower range HX machines (or heck, the new Lelit Dual boiler) with the same Grinder??

    For 2 grand, you can get any number of machines and grinder combos.


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      Re: change of plan

      I run the BES900 and the K3 and its a great combo, sure the steam pressure wont blast your milk into oblivion and steam jugs in seconds but its dry, consistent and forgiving, its served me well this xmas and it just keeps on steaming as long as there is water in the tank!

      Other than that you would be pushed hard to find a new combo that would compete giving the budget you would have to look at the second hand market and pick up a decent HX and capable grinder.

      Find a sponsor near by and have a look at what they offer but honestly the BES900 does represpent good value for money and even though its new on the market Im confident mine will last me a long time! just be sure to keep it well maintained


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        Re: change of plan

        Thanks, want to see how far I can push the wife for some of our savings as I like the look of the VBM Juior and K Touch.
        Would that be good combo?
        See how I go :-/


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          Re: change of plan

          Originally posted by 665E5F5A544F070F0E07360 link=1324810711/3#3 date=1324850806
          I like the look of the VBM Junior and K3Touch.
          Excellent and indestructible combo Philby.

          We have some noice numbers on it for post Christmas. Dennis of Cuppacoffee is our Sydney (Sylvania) agent.


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            Re: change of plan

            Hey Hey, Get on board the caffeen train!!! Getting excited.
            Thanks for the Help and info Dennis at Cuppacoffee..& Talk_Coffee.
            You better start Bagging up a VBM Junior and K3 push Chris. Payment will be made either thisarvo or tomorrow
            Feels so good to finally come to decision. Blew the budget but thats what a budget is for :P