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First coffee machine... advice pls? :)

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  • First coffee machine... advice pls? :)

    Im looking to get a decent coffee machine (to save on some future upgrades etc).  Currently, I never drink coffee at home, always at cafes, so I want something that can produce a decent cup.

    I mainly drink milk drinks, lattes, etc,.. with some espressos being made for visitors as well.   It would only be making a few cups a day, with more on weekends I guess.

    I was thinking of getting the Compak K3T grinder, and pairing  it with either:
    Expobar Office Semi-Auto
    or Breville BES900

    I cant really find any tests that compare the two, and most of what I can find on the Expobar Office is a few years old.  Although, they are certainly still being sold etc.

    Is the Expobar Office still a good option?  BES900 more suitable for my needs?  What do people think..


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    Re: First coffee machine... advice pls?

    I bought a K3T for the tea room at work - excellent grind quality - my only complaint is that it is a bit noisy. Compared to my Macap M4 or Hazbeans Mazzer. Grind quality is comparable, IMHO.

    The BES900 Ive only experienced as the prototype machine and I thought it seemed pretty good. Subsequent to that, I got a Expobar Minore III secondhand for about the same price as the Breville. Having seen inside both, I think the Expobar might outlive the Breville. Id rate both machines as equally straight forward to use. Both also make near perfect shots.

    The Office Semi-Auto however I know zip about. Never used one (or even seen one).

    The other issue you might like to think about is the physical size of the machine. My Expobar is very deep, the Breville is much shallower but wider. I know Mrs. KJM is not exactly pleased to have the thing sitting on the bench and wanted it to hide inside the appliance cupboard The Breville would actually fit :

    I suspect either will fit the bill nicely...