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Advice on selling a EM6910

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  • Advice on selling a EM6910

    Hi all and hope youre enjoying the holidays!

    I would like some advice from fellow Sunbeam EM6910 owners or anyone else with a sound opinion   

    Me being the only coffee drinker in the house and doctors strong advice to quit coffee (direct relationship to digestive system issues), I am thinking of partin ways with my 6910 and grinder 

    Because i am the honest type... I am pretty sure the machine needs a new group head. I have already fitted a  spacer under the seal which has helped enormously, but I would like to sell the machine in as good a condition as possible. All other parts are working very well. The machine has been descaled regularly and looks great.

    So... what do you suggest? Replace the head and then sell it - or sell it as is?

    I will post photos soon but your advice would be greatly appreciated!...

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    Re: Advice on selling a EM6910

    Sell "as is" at an appropriate price.

    My logic: You might not get a buyer after you fix it. Why spend money on it if you arent keeping it?