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    Hi there,

    so everything was going swimmingly with my Gee, until recently it has started making blubbering noises, caused by airbubbles being released into the water tank. I didnt pay this much mind, as it didnt seem to impact the coffee making. EDIT: Actually, its steam...the side of the tank shows sign of heat stress and when I took it out it was clearly hissing steam out one of the tube...
    Then I had one incident of water leaking out the back of the machine (not an overflowing drip tray). Happened only once. Most recently when I flush the group head there seems to be very little pressure unless I have steamed water first...sometimes no water comes out for about 3 seconds. And now I have been having trouble getting the same kind of nice coffee I did a few weeks ago.

    time for a coffee doctor visit? or is there anything obvious that I could try myself first?


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    Re: Gee with potential

    When was the last time you descaled the machine?