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  • Upgrade time.

    Well at the moment Ive been using a Breville Ikon bes400 and a new Breville Smart Grinder that Santa bought me. The grinder really helps me get a consistent shot. I dont know if its consistently good but its generally always between 25-30 secs for 30ml :P I drink singles in either espresso or latte form and Ive depressurized the baskets and found an alternative chromed brass porta filter to use. I buy my beans whole from Di Bella in Bowen Hills so freshness shouldnt be an issue?
    My cons about this machine: no 3 way solenoid, non commercial pf size, weak steam performance, crema always pale and thin, feels cheap, non mechanical power switches(Id love to run it off a timer around my morning alarm and work hours)

    So far Ive "wasted" money on 2 other $50 second hand machines; a La Pavoni Espresso Plus and Gaggia Evolution. The Gaggia I broke something trying to fix a brew head leak and the La Pavoni also leaked and I dont understand how to use the steam arm  :

    Im over these small toy machines and I want to be able to froth nice milk with ease so I figure its time to upgrade. Ive set myself a $800 limit. I know the Silvia v3 is a contender and I see a nice looking special on jetblackespresso which could just seal the deal.

    Is there any advice anyone could give? Any other machines that would be more appropriate for a 1-2 coffee a day kinda guy?

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    Re: Upgrade time.

    Oh, can someone please move this to the $500-$1000 section?


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      Re: Upgrade time.

      One of the Lelits would be worth a look too.



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        Re: Upgrade time.

        Under $800 I think all decent machines are single boiler - like the ikon - which means theres time to wait between brewing and steaming, which might not fulfill your "froth milk with ease". The better single boilers like Lelit should have better steam than yours, and should overcome all the cons you describe.

        I personally skipped the Silvia level and went from thermoblock to HX, as I didnt want to upgrade again for some time. It has brew and instant steam at the same time. However lots of people are happy single boilers, but Id look for one with a PID fitted, or budget one, to take out the guess work with temp surfing. A little over your budget is the Lelit PID for $1,169 from Jetblack.

        Finally theres also a "small" upgrade to consider in the Sunbeam 6910, if you want to save a few pennies. Faster (and maybe better steam) than you have now, and very capable of a good shot, but still plastic and metal with soft switches. However, if you really like espresso, it may not be the "shot killer" that a Silvia or Lelit could be.

        just my rambling 2c - hope it helps!


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          Re: Upgrade time.

          The Ikon is capable of very good coffee (fed a good diet) and honestly, an $800 machine is not much of a step up--more like half-a-step (IMO).

          I got great crema, and excellent coffee from an Ikon, so Id be looking at your technique and beans before an upgrade.

          As far as the non-commercial size PF and no 3-way valve, my current commercial lever machine has a similar sized PF and no 3-way valve either.

          I cant help with the electronic switches.