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EM6910 Group head seal and sourcing

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  • EM6910 Group head seal and sourcing

    Hi Coffesnobbers,

    I have an EM6910 bought about 2 years ago. After a while (6 months) it started leaking around the group head. Had to lock the GH in harder and harder until it was at the limit.

    I suspect over dosing may have been the cause for some leaking and premature wearing of the seal and have since changed my technique (or lack thereof).

    Anyway, bought a couple of seals on Ebay. The first one lasted several months. The GH was quite tight initially but over time I had to tighten more and more. I am assuming this is normal wear and tear??

    I put the second one in only a few months ago and it didn’t seem as tight. Possible collar wear I’m thinking. I bought a new seal from the local Sunbeam repairer and it looked “slightly” thinner than the one I was replacing. Sure enough, it leaks everywhere. I have taken it out and reseated it with a small improvement.

    So, are there different quality seals out there? I assume the one from the repairer was a genuine part ($20). On Ebay they range from $38!!!!!!! to $16 for 2 with free shipping. Would there be any difference in the quality of these seals?

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW I don’t seem to be able to get the forum search to work, so forgive me if this has been asked a million times before.


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    Re: EM6910 Group head seal and sourcing

    Hi I just raised the basket some use cardboard but it got wet with cleaning. So then I cut one out of a honey lid plastic and it worked a treat.


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      Re: EM6910 Group head seal and sourcing

      For a temporary solution you can make a spacer to place behind the seal.
      You could buy one from the Sunbeam repairer but they charge a fortune and I made my first one from a cereal box.

      Use the seal for a template and make a ring out of the cardboard (or thin plastic as aqua3 suggested but remember it goes in before the seal NOT under the basket).

      In the long term though I think its collar wear and youll have to address that issue eventually.