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  • Another newbie starting out

    Hi there, for the first 30 years of my life, the only thing about coffe I liked, was the smell. Than I discovered stovetop expresso machines and macchiatos and finally - another 6 years later I bought my first coffee machine ever.

    I bought a Delonghi Icona and I do like the coffee the machine produces. The only reason why Im thinking of upgrading is that the Delonghi never makes hot coffee and the coffee gets to weak when i make a larger cup. So where to now?

    I like Latte and Macchiatos and my husband prefers cuppuchinos or espresso. I like my coffee strong but not bitter. I dislike dripolator and plunger coffee. Friends gor a Jura and I dislike that coffee to. We have about 2-4 cups in the morning and evening.

    I dont think our palate is highly sophisticated but weve got our personal preferences.

    So,my question is, what would be a good coffee machine to start out with? Like I said above, love the Ikona taste, just get annoyed with the temp and weakness after 1 shot.

    Originally Ive been thinking of a fully automatic machine but people here say theyre not good. So what should I look for??? Also, I live in a regional centre in Qld, so i might not have the greatest range on my doorsteps.

    Any advice is appreciated! I have searched this forum but I have never heard of most of these brands of coffee machines.

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    Re: Another newbie starting out

    Hi a non presurised basket makes the best poor. Not bitter and you can taste the coffee. Takes a bit of practice but well worth it. The Question is how much budget you have and how far the rabit hole you want to go.
    all the best Peter


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      Re: Another newbie starting out

      Thanks for the quick reply! So I need a pressurised basket?
      Budget wise Im looking at $1500-2000. But like I said were both not barristas. We need a forgiving coffee machine.


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        Re: Another newbie starting out

        Hi Oceanaussi,

        The semi automatic machine you have now is capable of making better tasting coffee than a super auto so my advice is stay on the semi auto path and make an investment - of time, not money. Learn how to use a semi auto and youll never regret it.

        Then, for your budget you have a few options for semi auto machines and grinder packages that will be able to give you more flavour per shot than your Icona because they have bigger filter baskets (wider and/or deeper).



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          Re: Another newbie starting out

          Thanks for that! I read the Breville BES900 thread and think that might be something for me. Does anyone know how big their filters are, so I can get a nice stron coffee?